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Living room balcony curtains how kind of arrangement is reas

Living room balcony curtains how kind of arrangement is reasonable?
 Balcony living room curtains are soft home a very important one, has a decorative and practical function double effect. Nice balcony living room curtains give effect is not the same. Therefore, we have to choose curtains in the living room balcony, pay more diligently on layout. Next, we introduce you to the living room balcony curtains how reasonable layout.
 A: The color of the living room with balcony curtain arrangement must be reasonable
General fabric curtain material is, because relatively clean cloth and a good match, although not dirt. Simple and elegant living room balcony curtain fabric environmental demands, spacious and bright colors should coordinate with each other and the walls, furniture, etc., recommended halftone. If the room is small, you can choose a light, cool colors to decorate curtains, because light, cool colors can create a spacious and elegant visual effects. If it is coupled with sober, compact design, with good results.
II: living room balcony curtain arrangement to coordinate the style style
When it comes to style, we all know when the house style of the decoration is very special. Therefore, in the living room style, it can be divided into Chinese, European, leisure three main themes. Style common hanging off, floor patterns, decorative screens outside the curtain, the curtain in the use of translucent curtains good effect, with drapes, attached to the window cherry, ribbons and other further modification, the better. Curtains landing style, winds can not have the same effect, the wind flowing.
Curtains style according to the form size using hanging off or a single opened the way, it is the outer curtain screens, multiple screens in cotton products. Style common movements screens, it can be appropriately controlling the intensity of light.
Three: living room balcony curtain pattern arrangement of selected
Curtains certainly have a right pattern would look nice if very stiff on a color then to the living room decor is totally inadequate. If a room is too narrow for too long, then select the linear lateral pattern curtains to make the room "fertility." Like the figure above shows us the same red pattern to us to have a full visual effect.
In addition, it can be installed on both ends of the long, narrow room with a striking pattern cloth, curtain at one end with a practical function, and the other end is a decorative curtain, so before and after the echo, can also have the effect of shortening the distance. In the story would not be enough to select the vertical bar pattern tracery make room "increased."
Four: living room balcony window curtains are arranged according to the arrangement of units
① tall, narrow window, choose the length of the curtains just over the windowsill, to extend through both sides of the window frame, the maximum possible exposure window frames;
② wide and short window, choose long curtain, curtain curtain close to the high window frames, window frames cover wide;
③ window is too short, it can be hung on the window or the window frames of the same color of the curtain half, just enough to cover the window frames and sills create the visual illusion.
The above description is about the living room curtains furnished balcony, the balcony moved into the living room, more unique decoration design, install curtains to the balcony and thus the formation of a landscape. There are no heart, you want to give yourself a good home living room balcony curtains arranged some do not hesitate to fling it now!

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