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Curtains of industry trends analysis

Curtains of industry trends analysis
Curtains of home market "pseudo-brand" pop. Since the cost of the finished curtains than their own processing small workshop to be much higher, if their processing small workshops, profits up to 100% or even higher, but finished curtains profits generally between 50% -70%. So that led to the curtain market "fake" brand popular, therefore required planning industry.
It is understood that China's market brands are still very few curtains, curtain industry to build our brands and leading enterprises is imminent thing. Curtains from our industry "workshop Machine" mode to "brand management" model of change that is coming, the curtains are bound market will be more standardized.
From simple cloth curtains, bedding, cushions and other single product extends to a complete series. Doctrine advocating fresh and natural, pastoral style is a major trend fabric curtains, pastoral style mostly derived from natural elements. It emphasizes rural retreat from the city the kind of quiet and comfortable feel. Abstract atmosphere traditional style, full of oriental mood of the nation in recent years, elements shine in the international exhibition. Antique home is very popular in recent years, home style, thus giving the traditional Chinese style fabric good play space. City ambience simple luxury, multilayer decorative cloth material through contrast, to find a balance, eliminating the overly complex texture and decoration, styling lines are more fluid and the atmosphere.
Electronic curtain, through the new blackout curtains WiFi connection can be adsorbed include windows, shower glass doors, mirrors and any other glass objects on and by the user through its wireless phone opening and closing operation. This so-called "opening and closing operation" was actually by the user's Android phone or iOS phone, the curtains of this new material, through the touch of a button, it is fuzzy, Clarity. Moreover, the use of new technology in this "lazy curtain" on, also can play a role in blocking ultraviolet rays, eliminating the need to buy curtains, but also eliminates the need for households to some extent on the degree of long open air reduce the indoor temperature charges.
Curtains also new features - insulation, UV, dust, unidirectional perspective, anti-pollen allergy. Japanese curtains used in most households are equipped with energy-saving features, the main manifestation is strong insulation, the curtains would be isolated to protect indoor and outdoor heat, air-conditioning in the summer to prevent the outflow of heat in winter, just air conditioning electricity consumption It can save about 30%. New green concept in the home improvement industry's growing popularity, promotion, more and more people to accept, the new energy saving Stocks products. This new high-tech curtain, it has a strong insulation, thermal insulation effect.
    Function Innovation
Forecast from China curtain fabric industry outlook report accompanied by understanding the continuous improvement of living standards, the curtain has risen from shading, privacy tools to highly aesthetic value of crafts. Innovative features mentioned here is a display of divergent thinking in different directions of development will be different footing. For example, based on the use of location development, should deodorizing toilet curtains, kitchen curtains should be able to prevent oil self-cleaning, hotels, karaoke bars, cafes, theaters and public places must use flame-retardant efficiency and low toxicity. Hospital curtains should antibacterial mildew, prevent cross-infection. For the infirm, may wish to develop some health functions, sedative sedative curtains can create an enabling environment for human health, and so on.
    Sales Innovation
Curtains impressions are important, they use a dealer showrooms effect, in general, this intuitive and effective way, but can not be adjusted according to actual situation, such as customer for color, pattern, or even somewhere in detail the practical application of the results are not so sure, difficult to timely treatment. On the basis of the traditional exhibition, we should improve marketing, bold innovation, rely on science and technology, will be the highlights of the curtain industry to play a huge advantage.
    Materials & Technology Innovation
Appears corn fiber, soybean fiber, milk fiber, bamboo fiber and other new types of natural materials, greatly enriched the fabric selection of raw materials market, the unique nature of these materials, health has become a bright spot in the current atmosphere of advocating environmental protection. In this context of craft techniques are innovation, more typical is the perfect combination of different materials. For example, natural and synthetic fiber blend, can complement each other and twist and so on, to create a new, unique style products. Textile Materials and grass, bamboo, wood, plastic, metal, etc. combined made curtains, it will produce a unique effect. Moreover, innovation in the chemical fiber spinning, spinning, weaving and finishing. Such as various textured yarn, applications, yarn-dyed, jacquard, embroidery, applique, printing, burnt-out process with a slub yarn, the fabric was crinkled melt water, flocking, sanding, Fleece, coating processing curtain will give a new image and feel. Electronic printing technology, will make the curtain even more personalized.
    Imagination Innovation
Curtain fabric for the imagination, it is important not just patterns and color combinations. Contemporary popular textile products become shorter and shorter, patterns and colors must first consider popular trends, and the choice of occasions, use of the crowd. Such as high-end places requirements luxurious, elegant and welcoming home is advocating. Further out, should imagine that some of the people against the use of specialized products, such as for different regions, ethnic groups, religion, cultural level of the population can not imagine a culture both within the letter, there are geographical features for curtains. For different personalities and learning stages students can imagine some of the energy to concentrate the quiet type, but also to broaden their horizons can imagine some of the knowledge-based, such as cosmic objects, geography, poetry, calligraphy and other model.

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