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Buy curtains need to be cautious with the effect of the most

Buy curtains need to be cautious with the effect of the most important
Renovate the house let us feel good, and simple interior decoration is not the overall effect of the most important factors, some of our household goods and the overall mix of colors also have a great impact on the decor. Household must use curtains to look relatively similar types, and each year more popular products are different types, consumers can choose according to their mood like the type of product, but the curtain is not only played a shading effect , it is the best home decorations, so when choosing curtains needs special attention, can not blindly choose.
First, the style of choice is very important. After all, many types of curtains, and each year the popularity of the style will be different, but considering the use of a longer time curtains, it is recommended that you better be able to select some of the enduring style. Gorgeous style or pastoral style is very popular in recent years, and the simple color matching and can guarantee the outstanding overall effect of the decoration, so these types of curtains are often used by people is our first choice. If you have children at home you can also choose some cartoon style of curtains, but be aware that the color can not be too fancy, so as not to affect the child's day of rest, and simple color cartoon curtains can be used for many years, but when.
Second, pay attention to the overall effect. Curtains larger, especially some of the large living room of the family in choosing curtains of time to pay special attention to the overall mix. Simple in terms of color and style to the curtains and our home floor, sofa, paint colors, wallpaper, etc. with them, or even to consider the home overall home colors to choose the right curtains. And we should also pay attention to some aspects of feng shui taboos, can not choose the color of the curtains in the dark color of the floor, but it is not the color of light than the ceiling, it is easy to give a top-heavy feeling, the home will affect the whole fortune .
Third, pay attention to color choice the bedroom curtains. Our bedroom is a place to rest, curtains not only as decoration, but also pay special attention to choose the right color and thickness of the curtains. If you do not like black-out curtains, you can choose the type of blackout curtains, but the color of the curtains of such relatively deep, it might give us the feeling of depression, you can choose the type of light colored curtains can be guaranteed not to affect our sleep. And the bedroom curtains best color is the main warm color, so you can let us relax, not too fancy, to prevent distract us. Children bedroom curtains have to pay attention to certain shading, but also pay attention to ensure that the child's privacy, can add a layer of tulle, it can also be used during the day.
Fourth, pay attention to the quality of the curtains. In fact, many families are able to use the curtains for decades, can be cleaned two or three times a year, it would not be particularly serious damage. From a long-term point of view or to curtains with high-quality products, although a one-time high input prices, but the overall contrast is still more cost-effective. Curtains related to the decorative effect, but also to the rest of our day, so choose custom curtains quality is preferred. And now custom-made curtains are more simple, you can also directly purchase bulk sales, the profit is very impressive, especially the high-quality curtain is absolutely darling of the market.

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