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Electric curtains as the preferred high-end building

Electric curtains as the preferred high-end building
In their daily work and life, the fundamental role of the curtains, is nothing more than the protection of personal privacy, shade, block dust and other functions. But the traditional curtain, you must hand to pull off a day early opening night is also very troublesome, especially in large villa or double room curtains, bulky and very long, requires too much effort to switch curtains, to the elderly He said more inconvenient.
If it is higher windows curtains, how can easily opened and closed it? Like garage metal shutter, human lifting fork laborious and time-consuming, the curtains on the ceiling, do not even bother to go and move it anyway? Catch scrape windy day, you are not at home, how to close the curtains at home block a block dust it?
Now and then you use it yourself to do these things, simply follow their own habits, advance a simple time setting, use the remote control or tap a button, they can arbitrarily control their own various intelligent electric curtain.
Thus, the emergence of electric curtains, so you really do enjoy the feeling of the owner! Just gently press the curtain away, intelligent electric curtains will follow your instructions faithfully serve you! Morning comes, automatic curtain opened, the warm sun on a house; lanterns, outdoor light became weaker, lights in the room automatically open, automatically pull the curtains ...
With the continuous development of technology to improve people's living and working conditions, electric curtains also increasingly accepted by people. In Europe and other developed countries, it has been widely used electric curtains. Electric curtains products not only to achieve the electrification, but also through infrared, radio remote control or timer control, automation, and can use sunlight, temperature, wind and other electronic sensors, the product of intelligent operation, not only reduces the labor intensity of the people fork extending the life of curtains. China's electric curtains late start is still not as popular as in developed countries, the price is higher compared to conventional curtains. It makes a lot of people who want to use the electric curtains reason because the price is not used. To use affordable, good quality electric curtain, domestic electric curtain is a good choice, then choose the strength of the wholesale manufacturers. This is to control prices also have after-sale protection. Kay Mellon shade Wuhan Wuhan Engineering Limited is one of the few areas to meet customer requirements for price and quality of the strength of the wholesale manufacturers.
Today, electric curtains have become the first choice for modern high-end residential, hotels, intelligent buildings, multimedia centers, private villas and other high buildings!

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