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DIY build intelligent curtain blinds

DIY build intelligent curtain blinds
Intelligent home life, so that ordinary home users feel the technology to bring life to change, and some traditional home appliances how the transition to a smart home is a problem, after all, these devices are also very good, does not affect the use, if all smart alternative products obviously the user's capital investment will be much higher.
        In household curtain rod / blinds, for example, a startup axis designed a transitional product called axisgear. The product enables the transition of traditional curtain rod and blinds intelligent. The company's practice is to the motor, a rechargeable battery, a light sensor, wireless energy solar panels integrated into the inside of a box, it will be installed next to the window, you can automatically control the traditional curtain rod and blinds.
        gear approach is the traditional curtain curtain rod or blinds or lanyard jack into the device, so that the product will be able to follow the instructions to switch the curtain rod / blinds. axis program provides not only control mode, of course, the most direct is through product capacitive touch panel of buttons.
        If you think not enough convenient manual operation, the device comes with an internal Bluetooth module, the mobile phone can also be achieved by switching the curtain rod, and the product also comes with a light sensor device can automatically open the curtain rod in one hundred days or in the evening, believe this experience easier to attract user's attention.
        The product is already logged crowdfunding website, priced at $ 95 (about 604 yuan), while its official listing price of $ 195 (about 1239 yuan).

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