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curtain rod City area residents delisted Transformation Serv

curtain rod City area residents delisted Transformation Services
(Reporter Sun Ying) yesterday afternoon, located dahongmen road outside the city of Imperial curtain, two-story curtain slowly falls, the end of 2015, and then shut down a wholesale dahongmen region, and this market will be transformed into a service area residents sports and leisure and catering supermarkets and other formats.
Imperial City where the building is part of the curtain Bus Group has been standing in the way dahongmen 21 years. Dorsett curtain rod City director, Chen mentioned province introduced Dorsett curtain rod City is planning the transition from last year, was informed after dahongmen region will ease the non-capital function, they began planning the new format. "Wholesale format to change sooner or later, early child transition, early child to seize the opportunity." Chen mentioned province, said the former Imperial city in transition curtain 100 to merchants, the annual volume of water about 1 billion yuan, people coming and going every day . Today's Imperial curtain rod inside the city has undergone enormous changes: three arranged sports lounge with billiards, two-story office building into a company, one is vacant and related businesses to negotiate, to prepare the introduction of the format include pharmacies, well-known chain restaurants and supermarkets. If all goes well, the new building will be after the Chinese New Year with a new format reloading opened.
Dahongmen ease Office Deputy Director Li Jiangang introduced curtain rod Imperial City is shutting down this street dahongmen first four market transformation, after the completion of the Ya sinks life square format upgrade Xinhai Shi Shoes Shoes and square completely shut down again plus curtain rod Imperial city, street dahongmen successfully completed the task of shutting down this year. 2016 is the year to ease the planned dahongmen highlight is currently doing related programs, such as an area of ​​20,000 square meters of all public textile city transformed into parking program has been basically established, will be implemented next year, will provide 2,000 a plurality of parking spaces, providing services to local residents and markets.
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