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Curtain fabric screens alternating peaks and marketing

Curtain fabric screens alternating peaks and marketing
Lately, the traditional markets of China Textile City textile fabrics partial retraction shock, curtain rod, screens alternating peaks and marketing, partially sold shock decline. Each salesrooms different varieties of flowers sold in large quantities corresponding gap is widening, marketing continues to show differentiation pattern after partial front shop cloths companies and large salesrooms in creative fabrics sold well, Paul Signup fabrics Advantage show, there are added boost, but some small business operators in popular patterns spot sales flat, the relative lack of turnover, the overall market turnover from the previous month curtain rod, screens retraction shock, but the daily sales continue to rank first in the major categories of fabric.
Traditional market market spot purchase local merchants appear inadequate, many types of polyester filament-based raw materials for home decoration fabrics listed species and the spot market much different. Home decoration fabric curtain fabric in the local listed species is still relatively high, but some small business operators listed on stock fabrics relatively insufficient turnover batch sizes, entity type cloth companies listed on the amount of cash after a shop in front and a factory still We have increased the size of the batch transaction partially sold both. However, some small business operators by financial strength still being limited, the spot market volume is still insufficient, the daily turnover of one o'clock is still difficult to meet customer demand, the sharp drop in local credit batches, most popular fabrics sales remained flat. curtain rod have front-stocking, stocking more variety but rather the spot market volume is still relatively limited. To the whole market, while some small business operators curtain rod amount listed uneven spot, large spot transactions when small. Listed entity salesrooms spot Partial trade integration continued to increase, both the daily transaction size batch, some small business operators to spot the amount listed intermittent small quantities listed the main spot transactions of orders shipped is still relatively low. Jacquard curtain fabric curtain fabric, printed fabric curtain traded more varieties, a relatively large volume, large volume whole 280CM, width 150CM also traded locally. Overall market curtain fabric the spot market volume increased from the previous month, turnover shock decline the previous month, with prices basically stable mainly public local flower spot slight concessions.
Textile city market polyester filament-based raw materials textile fabrics of peaks alternating with monofilament-based fabrics, yarn type jet weaving class imitation screens, traded both short-wang, especially Jacquard screens, jacquard shearing flower screens, jacquard embroidered screens traditional market models into the market over a broad area, but the overall turnover remained flat, the majority of small business operators to intermittent days of closing small group based, some small business operators sufficient transactions, but the overall market fancy screens volume continued to show growth. Recent market, Polyester 30D × 30D snow yarn, Polyester 30D × 20D / 35 shuttle Larry strip, Polyester 30D × 25D / 35 shuttle glass yarn, polyester 30D × 30D / 35 shuttle Terylene, Polyester 30D × 20D / 37 shuttle organza, Polyester 32 shuttle and three other variety of dyeing, bleaching species turnover remained localized to go smooth, stained screens, screens sales partially active compound, the daily amount of the local increase in the spot market, spot trading partially active, after some shop entity type cloth companies listed on the amount of cash a factory continued to increase, the size of the batch transaction partially sold both.
Textile City, the traditional market-based polyester filament textile fabrics sales of raw materials more intense competition, but part of the front shop cloths companies and large salesrooms increase the volume of equipment from the previous month, due to lots of local credit Shang Yourui Save the relative lack of small business operators selling traditional markets all producers started to press a certain financial strength and R & D gap, after a certain strength of both incremental and a factory shop in front cloth companies and large salesrooms paragraph l business remained active, but the lack of financial strength, no credit or less credit small business households remained subdued sales volume is still insufficient, rendering marketing differentiation pattern.
In recent days, the traditional markets of China textile city with many types of polyester FDY, POY, DTY jet weaving silk-based materials, woven and knitted textile fabrics part shock decline, but the curtain cloth, window screening and other textile fabrics according to different varieties listed alternately , pin still more varieties, the daily sales volumes continue to rank first in the major categories of fabric. (Jiangjian Ren)

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