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Curtain accessory cleaning and maintenance tips

Curtain accessory cleaning and maintenance tips
  curtain rod are essential modern home decoration decoration products, because most of the buildings are modern frame structure, if there is no curtain to join, the entire household will not have privacy, we can see the importance of home curtain, but the curtain from hangs after, they have been put into use, as time goes naturally a lot of dust deposited on its surface, it will seriously affect the appearance of the entire home, so you clean curtain rod are housewives must have homework, but a lot of people when cleaning curtain rod except that the cloth for cleaning, but not for cleaning and maintenance of its attachments, you know how to clean and care curtain attachment?
        1, cleaning and maintenance materials:
        The first lace curtain rod soaked with water and then added to warm water washing soda (half a bucket of water against the 10 grams of soda), and then washed twice with warm soapy water or detergent. Wash to gently rub and finally rinse with water. Dry should be placed on a clean table, covered with a dry list to dry, or dry on the frame. When the air required to pull a good stretch, with thumbtacks positioning, and finally with an iron ironing.
        2, shade cloth curtain cleaning and maintenance:
        Shade cloth because of its special chemical coating, not directly into the washing machine wash, because it would shade cloth coat washed mottled back. Best cleaning method is to take a damp cloth (soapy water or stained) directly to Moca.
        3, crystal curtain rod ear cleaning and maintenance:
        Spike crystal curtain is nicely decorated, but cleaning is best to remove the curtain rod, separate cleaning and maintenance, only need to use velvet cloth can restore the crystal light.
        4, silk curtain rod pendant Cleaning and maintenance:
        Silk pendant is the perfect embellishment gorgeous curtain rod, which may also adorned with crystal and so on, just put a few drops of warm water or cleaning solution Silky water soak a while to clean, then hang dry.

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