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Blackout curtain rod as much as possible without coating

Blackout curtain rod as much as possible without coating
As an important part of the curtain soft furnishings, can heighten the atmosphere of the whole house. How to pick a suitable own curtain rod? Inferior shades formaldehyde, how to tell? Windows of different sizes what the most appropriate curtain rod? Reporters visited the Castle curtain market, there are plans to play home residents answering questions.
    curtain rod worth not much change
Price up badly - this is a lot of news on the Internet this year, the curtain price evaluation. Reporters at the College Road curtain street in a circle, found Castle curtain price rally has not agitated, and each owner said last year about the same price. "In 2010 rose the most powerful, up by almost half, two years, the price is not much volatility." A shopkeeper told reporters, raw cotton prices have gone up this year, so the linen, woolen linen curtain rod price more expensive, but in most chemical fiber, silk curtain rod and other artificial materials based price nothing changes, from one meter to one meter 20 yuan on the hundred dollars have curtain rod.
Shumei Xin curtain shop manager, Ms. Kuang said that in the October, curtain rod sales increased a lot, the weekend day to more than 30 people booked curtain rod. 40 yuan a meter mid-range curtain to count, a 20 square meters bedroom curtain rod around $ 700, the size of 90 square meters of the house, curtain rod to spend three thousand yuan. "Expensive fabric, but to add layers of gauze, considered hanging rods and other accessories, it is necessary a lot of money." Ms. Kuang explained.
    Shades by holding a main cargo
Interview, the reporter found that many customers into the store consultation shade. Ms. Kuang said that now the hottest selling shade, shade fiber woven into it, better than ordinary curtain rod shading effect. Because modern pressure, want to sleep, pull the blinds room was shrouded in darkness, to help people fall asleep faster.
Ms. Kuang introduction, mainly hemp shade shades, three-sided velvet and bright surface, is the most expensive linen blinds, shading added latiflorus fiber material, one meter of about 100 yuan. Single cashmere and shiny silk shade is added, so that a kind of silk curtain rod luster. The difference is that one-sided cashmere flannel side shiny side is common, and shiny shades on both sides of the light. Single cashmere blinds 50 yuan a meter, a meter glossy shade only 30 yuan. "Like Funky optional linen shade, like the gorgeous, you can choose glossy or single flock shade."
    First smell the selection of anti-formaldehyde
Shading effect is good, but many people question whether the blackout curtain rod contain toxic chemical ingredients. Ms. Kuang said some shade indeed harmful, because some manufacturers to reduce costs, plus a layer of only ordinary curtain sided silver shade cloth, glue, and blackout coating will lead to the use of its pungent smell, even chemical substances exceeded. Shades mainly to volatile gas block sunlight, sun drying, formaldehyde will come out health hazards!
Ms. Kuang said that this double-sided silver shade cloth a few years ago is very popular, and now there are many hotels in a similar shade, sun drying, taste great, but fortunately the sun a few weeks after the general, taste almost on the loose, and if you live in the hotel see such curtain rod should not be too panic. In the selection of shades from home, try to use blackout curtain rod made of fiber, the first smell the pungent taste is in our hands, Dian Dian weight, the heavier the better the quality, but also look at the density of knitting, stitch denser shading effect as natural as possible.
    Buy curtain rod according to the light fitting
Beautiful and blackout shades, but this does not mean that every room with the same kind of non-curtain rod. Ms. Kuang recommendation, if it is south-facing bedroom, except blinds, plus the best layer of translucent gauze, gauze one way or another during the day, both anti-sun drying furniture, kind of hazy beauty. If Xichuang living room, would choose the best shade, block western exposure. Available colors lying north a little bright, light curtain rod, enhance room lighting.
In addition to blinds, curtain rod now on the market mainly in the chemical fiber, silk, hemp-based materials such, the selection should consider the overall style of the decoration. Chemical fiber, silk curtain rod gorgeous, retro fit, European-style decoration, a kind of rustic linen curtain rod sense for minimalist interiors. Many young people like the pastoral style, prefer cotton floral curtain rod, but Ms. Kuang considered not suitable for cotton curtain rod, one shrink much, the second is easy to fade sun. If you really like the texture of cotton, linen, polyester card optional curtain, it belongs woolen linen curtain rod that are suitable for "small fresh who."
    Large windows open flat pleated blinds small window blinds
Also determines the size of the window curtain rod category. Ms. Kuang said width of 1.5 meters above the windows, casement curtain options, if it is floor-length curtain rod should be hanging, and now many families have large windows basis having a curtain wall area to do to achieve overall aesthetic effect. Width of 1.5 meters below the windows, optional Roman blinds, curtain blinds this type of lift for easy opening and closing, adjust the light.
In addition, Ms. Marina also gives a lot of advice to select lifting curtain. If the modern style decoration, bathroom windows optional aluminum blinds, bright colors, one square meter only tens of dollars; if it is an elegant Chinese style, optional wooden or bamboo blinds roller blinds, hanging in the living room or den, decorative strong. Like the hazy sense of people, you can also choose soft gauze, it makes light becomes softer.

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