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You can decompose formaldehyde curtain rod

You can decompose formaldehyde curtain rod
It is understood that can break down formaldehyde Cicada curtain is the clever use of inexhaustible illumination advantages, the spread of pollutants in the air purifier continuously decompose at low concentration state, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term recycling, put an end to the secondary pollution under the premise that the fresh and healthy living environment.
Cicada curtain rod new US homes formaldehyde clear interpretation of the Marxist model series, is based on people's yearning for a better life and the pursuit of physical and mental health, the use of international standards of science and technology in the form of cloth, add a touch of home life for the people of pure natural color . This "breathing curtain" in appearance only uphold "a space, a style, like life" design philosophy, while the use of a unique color pattern in temperament, to be superb technology, and thereby deduce the artistic taste feelings.
"Look before you buy curtain rod are product styles and colors, do not think the addition of formaldehyde can have features," a curtain Cicada user said, "Cicada curtain not only gives us more options, but also in function It is also more humane, the effect is very satisfactory. "
Support of this view is microbiological testing centers in Guangdong Province. As a third-party testing authority, the test center test results show that the addition of formaldehyde Cicada curtain rod in the newly renovated room 24 hours of harmful substances formaldehyde, benzene and other decomposed into water and carbon dioxide concentrations decreased up to 75%! But also it has a significant effect in killing bacteria and eliminate odors due to indoor mold rot generated aspect.

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