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Color living room curtain rod do not just hang

 Color living room curtain rod do not just hang
1, curtain rod and walls, furniture to try to avoid similar tones, such as a wall is yellowish hue, while the use of curtain rod beige, apricot, seemingly harmonious, in fact, so the color of the room to be a long time, will inevitably feel psychologically "Halo "; and if Huse pale walls, using green curtain rod, although color uniform, but feels colder.
2, floor length curtain rod to create a quiet and warm atmosphere; but in the smaller rooms, small windows tend to reduce sunlight, so the choice is easy to make a lot of light through the shutters appropriate.
3, in the larger rooms, it is best to use a cloth curtain; cloth curtain helps sleep and adverse effects of the barrier outside; if the back window while sitting or head to the window and sleep, it should be very nervous and difficult relaxation but if thick cloth hanging curtain rod on the windows can reduce the adverse effects.
4, restaurant for white curtain rod to avoid gray, mustard yellow, purple, or green, as would seem off-putting. If you are on a diet, it can be blue, green or gray.
5. If the window is on the glass curtain wall building, glass curtain wall will be reflected sunlight, etc. burglary, a "light evil" makes emotional instability, tend to have a mental problem, means gauze, and the curtain falls to sunset, because the day behind the glass curtain wall building only as a mirror, not evil spirits; if there are neon lights outside the window, the curtain will fall all day and night.
6, if the window of the hospital or positive sharp corner, and other unclean thing, and closely spaced, it should install wooden shutters on the windows to prevent evil spirits to enter, and try to open less appropriate.
7, too thick curtain rod will reduce the family reunion, there will be a rare visitor ornate pattern phenomenon, simplicity or patterns is the best choice for home Stocks.
8, dim the north room for cool neutral shades, elegant ambience; better lighting sun room, then choose red or yellow millet hanging curtain rod in order to adjust to the glare Xianrou astigmatism, coordination of yin and yang.
9, as far as possible not to use pink curtain rod, lead to the debilitating brain, Huangkong, anxiety, easy temper, and often quarrel things inevitably happen.
10, the curtain with the ground to try to avoid red and green, blue and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple colors, so as not to have a bad psychological sense.
11, although the bedroom with pink curtain rod can add a romantic atmosphere, not knowing in feng shui, there are pink peach provoke danger, easily lead to a third party, thus affecting their emotions, it is recommended that the master bedroom with a little pink tone.
12, there will be some of the curtain rod on some of the trendy, alternative designs, which should appeal to young psychological adventure, but in the meaning of feng shui may not auspicious. Let's say now common skeletons, strange shape of dolls, as well as ferocious animals, which are best avoided, so as not to adversely affect the owner. Especially the elderly and children's bedrooms and more room to be especially careful.
13, if the master numerology hi wood, you can select the green, wooden curtain master numerology hi fire, you can choose red, purple series, man-made fiber curtain rod; if the master numerology hi soil, select yellow, khaki color series Roman blinds; if the owner numerology Xijin, select white metal curtain rod; master numerology hi water, on blue and black wave curtain.

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