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Personalized custom curtain rod into the mainstream of home

Personalized custom curtain rod into the mainstream of home improvement
Recently, organized by the Association of Changsha curtain rod, curtain design studio co eggshell curtain rod fairs in Changsha Sanders handling the Plaza come to an end! The three-day trade fair curtain rod, curtain cloth there are more than 100 exhibitors, attracted tens of thousands of residents in Changsha and dealers come to visit, the reporter learned from the trade fair, the favorite plain curtain rod, as different accessories, You can create a different style. Some families even prepared two sets of summer and winter curtain rod.
World in Changsha curtain rod, residents and dealers from outside the province to get together to pick goods. Reporters observed that the current market price of the curtain rod from 1,000 yuan to 10 yuan per meter range, mainstream product prices between 50 -200 yuan / m. A large number of wholesale dealers keen to plain curtain rod, as plain better match. Dealers from Yuhua District, told reporters she had got, 80, 90 after the customer, often according to different summer and winter seasons, by creating different styles of accessories, some even two or three years will be changed once the curtain rod.
"Today businesses are indeed guide the market, as the curtain rod seasonal consumer products." Eggshell soft fitted designer Ms. Nie introduced as an important part of the soft curtain rod installed in different seasons to adjust fabric, color, style, has been gradually accepted by the market . Some consumers by changing the style of accessories, some directly with two sets of summer and winter curtain rod.
In the northeastern part of the trade fair, the reporter saw, remove the curtain rod themselves, there are a variety of lace, cloth belt, rails, Velcro, slings and other accessories for sale. Need to be reminded that these accessories are often more expensive than curtain rod, consumers in the pursuit of beautiful, but must be considered a breakdown.
According to insiders, the curtain rod on the market in Changsha, basically from Zhejiang, Guangdong area, some of the same style, material and technology curtain rod, curtain shop and studio in more than 30% of the possible difference.

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