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Household cleaning tips curtain

Household cleaning tips curtain
   Now both the dormitory or home environment, we all need to install the curtain rod. curtain rod can not only block the sun, to prevent exposure to household products are hazards, but also to protect the privacy of our daily lives. But also because the curtain has become a necessity of reason, so, curtain cleaning frequency is not high, home environment become relatively easy to gather a lot of dust mites and bacteria in place.
        curtain rod and other important sectors of home decoration, in addition to privacy, adjust the light effects, high-grade fine curtain rod can make home more warm, stylish and romantic. With the pursuit of quality of home growing, high-grade curtain market demand is also growing, consumer-grade curtain fabric is also increasingly important. However, many consumers are easy to overlook the curtain maintenance dust.
        Currently on the market a good variety of high-end curtain fabric, fabric texture of cotton, linen, silk, polyester, but there are a few mixed woven material. Light, thin transparent or translucent fabrics, cotton, polyester fabric, glass yarn, lace, lace and voile; thick cloth, cotton, nylon and their organizations have fancy blended fabrics, mesh cloth the poor; slip surface fabric such as cotton cloth cotton polished, antique satin, taffeta, silk.
        Precious fabric can make the room there is a sense of luxury, but no need to spend a lot of money, the pursuit of gorgeous, just pay attention to match the furniture and the room rating on the line. In addition, the fabric texture for interior decor and ambience have a significant impact, such as material makes people feel cool, heavy material to produce a warm room.
        Is focused on the selection of high-end curtain curtain, post-maintenance and cleaning is also very important, many consumers home curtain rod hanging a year, and some families even two or three years does not wash. Recently, the media have also launched the "cleansing" areas survey, a total of one million people, nearly seven adults will clean the windows, but the cleaning time for almost six a year or more ago, is usually not clean.
        Recently dust from curtain rod curtain rod, the first to arrive. If the months and years passed. Hanging dirty, a lot of the top dust and dust mites, especially dark colored curtain rod, if poor indoor ventilation, or wall wetting, but also easy to mold or other bacteria, which is an important reason for poor indoor air quality. Therefore, every one or two weeks with a clean, damp cloth to wipe the dust on the curtain rod, especially families with children or pets in the family, adhere to six months thorough cleaning. curtain rod can be directly into the washing machine, but also dry, washed, placed in a sunny place dried after use, or hang dry, not only convenient, is still free air humidifier. "Remember not to let the curtain rod in the washing machine dehydration or drying , likely to cause deformation of the screen. If you have respiratory diseases or other infectious diseases, curtain cleaning, disinfection is best.
        Choose curtain material, it is best not to select cotton curtain, because cotton is softer and easier to absorb dust, the proposed selection of fiber material, breathable and good curtain rod. Secondly, the curtain style less complex, easier, and better, not only the red curtain rod screens and curtain rod and drapes, and some decorative, easy to gather dust particles and bacteria, and these materials cause respiratory diseases, as the main criminals.
        Here to remind you not to buy new curtain rod hung immediately after it is best cleaned once again. New curtain rod contain iron and flame retardants, can release formaldehyde, hazardous to human health.
        High-grade curtain cleaning IMPORTANT: can be used wet scrubbing, in accordance with a conventional method with a neutral detergent washing or washing machine. After the curtain cleaning dried, and try dried naturally, to avoid damage to the texture; special material, preferably sent to dry cleaners to wash, to prevent deformation.

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