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Map printed curtain rod in hot demand

Map printed curtain rod in hot demand
Life-changing innovation, entrepreneurial achievements you and me. In recent years, actively carry out public keqiao district entrepreneurship and innovation, the emergence of a number of innovation, good at innovative young "a guest." Through their unremitting efforts to create new products, new business models, to achieve his dream, for us to establish a model for entrepreneurship and innovation. To further stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm for innovation of the whole society, this newspaper from today launched the "You start me Innovation" column to introduce our side "off the record" their stories and experiences of entrepreneurial innovation.
Traditional blackout curtain rod usually has two functions and aesthetics, however, is located in China Textile City (Northern Alliance) curtain cloth market, "curtain rod power", yet the curtain rod of the window into knowledge, curtain rod emblazoned on the world map, China maps, etc., favored by consumers. More than a month, "curtain dynamic" daily crowds. Customers from Shandong Yuan Chunhong, said: "We do business for decades curtain rod, curtain rod to see his family, that shines, it is our hearts expect curtain rod."
Five years ago, Ding and his wife to come up with 20 million savings, opened a curtain shops, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. A few years later, and gradually work out the doorway Ding found that the homogenization of serious curtain products, often at that price. It appears to have a lot of orders every day, the couple too busy to attend to eat, but the profit is very meager.
Ding want, curtain rod and home office space, representing a very prominent position, whether by increasing the functionality of the curtain, increase their added value it? I like studying the map of Ding Wei, his mind suddenly a flash of inspiration. "I want a world map and a map of China, so that the curtain rod go up." Ding and his family said.
Ding whimsy, and his family did not get a positive response, but they grew more and more excited Ding: map curtain rod, not only help young people learn, but also suitable for home study rooms and offices. If introduced, it will hit the market.
During that time, although Ding's idea has been brewing in the hearts, but he is still on hold, the daily selling traditional curtain rod. Until the second half of 2014, Ding got the patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office, he began to see the map designer curtain rod. To make each contour and color details Map curtain rod are consistent with the standard map, the designers spent a full three months.
2015 Spring Festival is over, Ding hang out shops in the world map and a map of China Curtain, quickly caused a sensation, just an hour, they received 18 pen orders. "curtain rod power" shops inside and packed with customers, a whole month, Ding and his wife to open orders invoiced soft.
See map curtain rod become explosion models, some businesses began to imitate the production and sales. But because the curtain has applied for a patent map, eventually these businesses had to stop infringement. Six months later, "curtain rod power" have launched a series of calendar curtain rod, drapes series core values, family portrait, wedding private custom curtain rod series, have caused a great response in the market.
Innovation is the most powerful productivity, Ding showed reporters present, he has won eight utility model patent certificate. Increase the added value through creative curtain, less than a year, Ding has been achieved profits doubled. Not long ago, Ding has launched a number of provinces to upgrade the map curtain rod, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, a lot of schools, almost put a "curtain dynamic" map curtain rod.

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