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China's first brand curtain O2O mode platform

China's first brand curtain O2O mode platform
August 23 through the 30th, 2015 Haining China Household Textile (autumn) Expo held in many towns and villages China Textile City. 3020 companies with its latest product, a total of 500,000 square meters of exhibition space in the contests.
According to incomplete statistics, at present many towns and villages of textile enterprises has reached 1.2 million, employing more than 6.7 million households in the outer distribution companies, textile annual output value exceeding 25 billion yuan. Since March 2015, Haining Xucun local government active in introducing Europe, design agencies stationed in China also actively support the development of Chinese textile city. Currently, many towns and villages is also committed to the integration of industrial equipment base, design R & D base, production base fabric, raw material base, base materials, curtain rod and external trade base, sand release external trade base, and other power clusters to create a functioning integrated "Haining textile industry base "one-stop shopping concept, and further promote the" Xu village cloth town "to become" the world's largest industrial base cloth. "
The event also dealers from around the country to be one-stop shopping, the organizers will fit the characteristics of industrial clusters organized a variety of activities Available.
Meanwhile, after nearly a year of preparation, "home screens" O2O mode platform during the exhibition will also be the official with Taobao, Jingdong Mall two platforms completed signed and implemented on the line. The platform, as China's first brand curtain O2O mode platform, will be integrated under the curtain industry with online and offline resources, build brands in China curtain information service platform.

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