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New environmentally friendly wall covering curtain

New environmentally friendly wall covering curtain
Liuyang town head Li Jianhui had its own mill will achieve annual output value of 500 million yuan, its leading products towels, beach towels Hunan export volume ranked first, fourth in the country. Now, in the case of the textile industry has been clobbered, fifty years after he chose to re-start after three decades of ups and downs and then start, and number of patent applications, offensive corn, rice and other raw materials for the bottom of the new environmentally friendly wall coverings, as well as integration of 3D printing finished curtain rod.
    Textile exports that year after fireworks
Head to the town as the core of the textile industry once Qingqi banner Liuyang economy, is the second largest after the fireworks of traditional industries, export for many years to maintain the "second" position.
Leading the trend of the first year of what Jianhui. In 1986, he runs a "mom and pop" noodle factory Jianhui resolutely conversion, a textile factory started to help to do embryo Changsha towel. Towel market demand, coupled with an early start, abundant labor, the rapid development of textile Jianhui. Soon, the plant produced by the embryo towel steering deep processing, the embryos are transferred to towel production processes of other local businesses, but also led to the establishment of Yuelong, Western Towel Factory.
"In its heyday, the three companies under the jurisdiction of 86 embryos towel plant, more than 2,000 workers involved in the production." Enterprise town head office staff, recalled that the late 90s of last century, along Highway 211, the town head textile three race Confrontation, colored businessmen gathered here, the towel from Liuyang River inland town to the world.
"Disney resort parks, Wal-Mart, there are many parts of the world's five-star hotels, we have used the towel." Li Jianhui said Jianhui Textile bath towels, beach towels exports of Hunan who first, the nation's first Fourth, the highest value of approximately $ 500 million a year, "there is a second order to reach 80 million yuan."
    "Old Year off" all over again targeting wall covering manufacturing
Smooth day to an abrupt end in 2008. When the financial crisis, RMB appreciation, rising costs and other factors sweeping the globe, the three companies have suffered heavy losses, Yuelong, Western two textile mills have closed down, it is hard to support Jianhui mills.
In this case, Li Jianhui decided to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, the use of three decades of accumulated equipment, technology and market advantage, he first aimed at the wall covering manufacturer.
"We use potatoes, corn, rice and other raw materials to produce a new layer, replacing the traditional wall covering industrial rubber coating layer containing formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic substances, make the product more secure environment." Li Jianhui said that this wall cloth also incorporates the traditional textile process embroidery, printing and other technology, environmentally friendly and beautiful atmosphere, get good response from the 2012 launch.
In June 2013, to allow the "second pioneering" road go more smoothly, the acquisition of a Hong Kong textile Jianhui soft outfit company, has developed a soft home seamless wall covering. When wall covering sales, customers often asked whether or not to buy matching curtain rod, for which Li Jianhui second half of 2014 invested 30 million yuan, independent research and development overall curtain rod automated production lines, and the integration of 3D printing technology, "can be tailored the family portrait prints curtain to go up. "
"Only innovation can survive in the fierce competition in the market down, can continue to grow and develop." Li Jianhui said, "This is a light wall covering project, we applied for six national patents."
Today, the 56-year-old Li Jianhui ambitious and want through the "public entrepreneurship and innovation," the era of opportunity and then a blog. In April this year, its subsidiary Hunan Chantelle software installed manufacturing base was officially put into production, producing more than 200 kinds of new environmentally friendly wall covering and curtain rod. Currently, Li Jianhui is seeking companies listed three new board, and began to sell part of the original stake.

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