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Selected sub painted curtain rod at home "sunscreen"

Selected sub painted curtain rod at home "sunscreen"
Great go, people to avoid high temperatures and UV damage to skin, sun started to equip all kinds of "Artifact." But you also need to know Home "sun" it? High-intensity ultraviolet radiation can cause indoor items fading and aging, affect the life of furniture. How home "Sun"? Blinds, shade cloth, gauze turns on stage to show their talents.
    Blinds - let the sun and in the shade with
Blinds shade ventilation, good-looking and practical, adjustable interior light intensity, can be said that the summer sun weapon. Shutters decorative and functional double effect, modern home is often seen as a soft furnishings, especially for simple and neat interior.
    Shade ventilation two delays
By changing the angle of the louver blades can adjust indoor lighting, with color for the interior blade can create different lighting effects, retractable barrier structure it in the sun, while also keeping the indoor air circulation, so that the sun and cool with in. Every morning, the shutters down flip, both to avoid the glare of direct sunlight, and can make first ray of morning sunshine along the inclination angle of the blinds broke into the room, so bright and soft light. If you set the blinds in the study or the workplace, leisure time and occasionally looked up, enjoy the scenery through the upturned blade gap, do have some charm.
Today, many new materials to make use of shutters forms and styles more diverse. Material in addition to the traditional wood, bamboo, aluminum, the stylish modern blinds soft gauze became a new member of the family. Also known as zebra soft gauze curtain, using polyester fiber fabric, nontoxic and harmless. Soft gauze can provide indoor lighting effects and harmonious, so strong sunlight become soft, and durable, not deformed discolored by the sunlight. In addition to inheriting the advantages of the traditional shutters, the use of new materials soft gauze broke past feeling cold, beautiful style more feminine.
    Seductive performance had to take into account
Buy blinds, first carefully observe the flatness and uniformity of blinds to view the gap between the individual blades are consistent view of each blade is smooth smooth, gloss are the same, whether there is discoloration, discoloration or obvious color difference. By screwing the adjusting lever blade uniformity was observed at various angles to check the use of the adjusting lever convenience and smoothness.
It should also pay attention to whether the color of the shutters coordinated with the home environment. Designers suggested that if the wall is white or cream-colored, can be used with ivory shutters; if the walls a pale green, gray or green can be used with shutters; if the home is mostly dark, slightly lighter hue can be used with shutters. Scattered with warm and cold colors, you can make the room look elegant and unconventional. Blinds pattern also great stress. Great furnished living room, you can choose blinds with waterfall landscape design, people like being by nature; furnished bedroom, you can choose blinds with plant motifs, highlighting the harmonious and warm family atmosphere.
In addition to coordination with home style, it must also take into account the spatial and functional purchase. Shades should be selected according to the selection of space, in general, a kitchen, toilets and other space suitable for concealed shutters, and living room, bedroom, study space more suitable for surface mounted the blinds. Meanwhile, according to the function should be optional, if French windows or shutters for partition, it is recommended to use folding shutters; if used to decorate a small window separates the living space, it is recommended to use flat open shutters; if placed in the bathroom for shading, can Select sliding shutters.
    Regular deep cleaning and dusting
Cleaning blinds is not trouble. Blinds biggest enemy is dust, so as long as regular Dust on it. If you need deep cleaning, cleaning tank can be placed in a certain amount of detergent and water will remove the blinds and impregnation. Rinse ventilation after drying, to completely dry. Special attention is required, cleaning aluminum shutters, should not cause damage to the aluminum coating and detergent. In addition, aluminum blinds will be forced to leave when folded crease, be careful when cleaning.
    Shades - Best summer sun weapon
Shade cloth shading effect is a very good material, with its curtain rod made not only can effectively resist the summer sun, in the cold winter cold also have a good effect, and privacy and sound effects are quite good.
    Materials Technology determines the price level
Bohai Morning Post reporter in the home store to see price shade cloth in the tens of dollars to several hundred dollars per meter ranging from production processes and materials are also quite different. Coated shade cloth, woven shade cloth, fire-retardant shade cloth, shade cloth printing and so on, face a wide variety of shade cloth, the consumer how to buy it? Insiders told reporters: "shade cloth materials and processes is an important factor to determine the price level, in general, the price of glossy shade cloth is generally higher than the matte surface, printing is generally higher than embossed shade cloth, while the price high shade cloth generally use environmentally friendly materials, the human body without harm. "shade cloth main role is to block the sun and ultraviolet light, so light transmission is the most important criterion to measure the quality of the merits of the shade cloth. The selection of household shade, the easiest way is to shade cloth on the front, facing the lights for selection. Good quality shade cloth will not light, there may be a little lower quality faint light revealed.
Shades of everyday use, without the blind pursuit of high shading rate, because some of the shading effect good coating process using a shade cloth, glue bonding between the coating and the fabric, and glue may contain benzene, formaldehyde or methanol harmful chemicals, is not conducive to good health. Therefore, not blindly buy cheap blinds to choose environmentally friendly quality products, can smell the pungent odor if there is shade.
    Selection of styles with the overall home
According to reports, the shade is broadly divided into two types: one is a simple formula curtain rod, shade cloth used in relatively thin, easy to fold; the other is the shutter-style, usually the shade cloth special treatment, it smooth and rich drape.
Different shades style home furniture fit with different materials are different. If the house is placed classic wood furniture, suitable with jacquard fabric, dyed with plants, flowers, fish and insects constant theme is the classic pattern, to make the space seem calm understated yet elegant atmosphere; if placed the furniture, the appropriate mix of light texture, bright color calico, so space is filled with vivid romantic and concise modern life breath. In addition, the woven shade cloth during weaving into three, two floors and a curtain can be woven out of the ordinary kinds of color, and then clip into the middle layer of black fabric, the blackout did both aesthetic effect.
    Gauze - resist the sun decorate the home
Summer, people often want to resist both curtain sun exposure, but also play a role in home decorating. Both beautiful and practical, soft light, good air permeability gauze, doing my part to become the protagonist.
    Thin gauze breathable sun
The heavy curtain rod in the summer will become depressed, as original install a layer of gauze curtain is a good way to change this oppressive atmosphere. Gauze texture can be divided by glass yarn, embroidery yarn, silk yarn, georgette, gauze in the summer sun with a glass of flax yarn and yarn-based, light-shielding properties and heat resistance of these two materials is better, not easy to fade , in addition to effectively block the sun, it'll also block UV radiation to reduce light furniture damage. To remind the industry, cotton linen gauze texture may shrink when purchasing custom and take full account of the balance. In order to maximize the gauze to prevent wrinkling deformation can also be used dry manner regular cleaning.
    Great romantic gauze embellishment
In the choice of colors, white best exhibit special texture of gauze, and bring fresh visual beauty. A seat in white gauze to meet the basic shading, heat insulation than demand, but also to add a touch of romantic home space. But solely on the shading effect, darker shading gauze better.
There are many styles of gauze, which hemp texture of cotton gauze classic looking, chemical fiber blend may be made after adding three-dimensional floral patterns, more effects machine pressed hollow, lace trim, feathers, beads embellishment. Gauze can also go big "Eclectic" transparent and translucent yarn cutting splicing, to create light and shadow effects, very chic, very modern.

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