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Wear flip flops motorbike - foot slipping down vehicles

Wear flip flops motorbike - foot slipping down vehicles
Many drivers for the sake of cool, easy, especially like to wear flip flops to ride a motorcycle, do not think anything unsafe or inconvenient place. In fact, wearing flip flops on the clutch and throttle control will be a deviation, but also easy to slip, there is a big security risk. Recently, in Nanjing Ningli road accident has occurred due to a motorcycle driver caused wear flip flops, but fortunately did not cause illness people.
According to reports, when the police team rushed to the scene  mouth, I saw a black motorcycle down the road in the middle of the green belt, a lot of debris scattered on the road, is a mobile phone and broke two flip flop. Motorcyclists Yang was pedestrian crossing arm to the curb, arms, face multiple abrasions.
By the traffic police inquiry was informed that Yang noon, eating out with friends, driving on his way home to make Ning Li River Road crossing the bridge when a car in front of red lights, brakes stopped behind Yang brakes deceleration, but wearing flip flops, soles of the feet sweat, about to step on flip flopy, appeared to be rear-end, suddenly turn right and hit the road teeth, who was flying out, fell to the green belt.
Lukou traffic police warned that, despite the hot weather, for themselves and others, traffic safety, both car and motorcycle driver should not wear flip flops to drive.

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