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Likely to cause injury when wearing flip flops slip

Likely to cause injury when wearing flip flops slip
When wearing flip flops, slip or you have had the experience of playing a reel? This may be flip flops slip substandard performance.
Wuhan Product Quality Supervision and Inspection engineer Tang Jinbo introduced, the sole friction is too small, is one of the main causes of consumer slipping injuries. Factors affecting friction soles mainly three: sole material, the hardness of the sole, the sole structure design. Current common flip flops TPR soles mainly bottom, EVA bottom, three kinds of PVC at the end, TPR at the end of which the least slip, PVC secondly, EVA best. Meanwhile, experiments pointed out soft bottom shoes non-slip flip flops than hard bottom. The final step is to see the shoes of shading, a common non-slip soles stripe Press degree can be divided into: horizontal stripes, lined off, vertical stripes. Buy flip flops, try to buy flip flops horizontal stripes, while the more the number of the non-slip pattern.
In addition, two flip flops risk index is very high. One is the "splint flip flops" and the other is the hotel's popular "disposable paper flip flops." Both flip flops do not meet "anti-skid" standard, people are particularly vulnerable to fall. Wear flip flops in a hotel, the safest non-slip flip flops, followed by ordinary plastic flip flops and barefoot, is the most unsafe disposable flip flops.

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