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A warehouse caught fire flip flops

A warehouse caught fire flip flops
4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, located in Anhai Road, Ji'an Tonglin Industrial Zone holds the flip flops of a metal warehouse caught fire, burned area over 500 square meters, but fortunately the fire arrived, the fire did not spread to neighboring plants, fire caused no casualties.
16:30 Xu, reporters received a tip lines rushed to the scene, the fire at a distance of a kilometer away, where points will be able to see the black smoke enveloped the sky filled with smoke. Tonglin Village, Hai Ji Road towards the direction of the road in the pit have been temporary traffic control, a single layer of corrugated metal warehouse was burning fiercely.
Mr Wong said the eyewitness, 4 pm, he was next to a machinery factory warehouse work, suddenly heard someone shout "fire", came out only to find that there have been smoke coming out the warehouse, the warehouse door was locked, the scene someone call 119. "When the landlord arrived warehouses, which have all been in the burning." Mr Wong said.
According to the lease of the warehouse flip flop factory owner Mr. Lin, storage and memory stood a large number of finished shoes flip flops flip flops, and some cartons. Before the fire, the warehouse is closed, usually did not send special care. "May be the warehouse electrical short circuit caused the fire." Lin guess.
18:20 Xu, the fire was extinguished. Currently, the specific cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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