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To prevent noise upstairs neighbor bought flip flops

To prevent noise upstairs neighbor bought flip flops
Netizen "Mocha chen" WeChat City Express: baby sister five months, upstairs is the studio most of the night is often awakened by footsteps upstairs. Sister thought, to buy flip flops intend to send. Her circle of friends a letter, I hope you see, write will not disrupt the neighborhood harmony. I look quite interesting, I wanted to look at the issue Letters. Out of ideas, such a letter, plus a few pairs of flip flops, to go upstairs they fit?
Reporter Yin Jun collar: User "Mocha chen" of a sister who lives in Fengqi Court, sister surname rooms, a family of three went yesterday Liyang vacation.
He said Ms. room upstairs is a photography studio, are young people. Two months before she go to communicate several times, the attitude just fine, good for a while, unknowingly big footsteps up. Trip to visit up to run, is not the solution ah, Ms. room thought to buy them flip flops.
"When we first moved in, the sound of footsteps downstairs we too, we bought soft bottom flip flops put downstairs had never come up." Said Ms. room.
Room Ms. flip flops online shopping, she deliberately picked up "Silent flip flops", the sole is a layer of flannel, put on to go up very soft.
Her visual upstairs three or four people, men and women, bought four pairs, two men and two women, see their child Duman high guess foot should be quite large, he chose Ms. room Size. Not expensive, spent a total of 40.
flip flops have arrived, Ms. room thinking about tomorrow back to Hangzhou, along with the letter, put together upstairs neighbor's door.
This letter is written -
Dear neighbors, we are living in 501 neighbors, thank you softly with our previous pace. But the recent footsteps really bothered us a bit, especially at night, our baby sleep is not practical, it will often be awakened. You have a two o'clock so jubilant to downtown Which? What are you to get what blanket? Fight the good work!
We look for you too embarrassed to discuss, to buy flip flops you do not know can not play a role in mitigation (footsteps), do not know you are willing, like it or not, in short, accept it!
May you put on after the footsteps not only lighter, but also from a meteoric rise career, thriving! Attention to the body, go to bed earlier, the body is the capital of revolution. Have a nice day!

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