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Online shopping sneakers receive blue flip flops

Online shopping sneakers receive blue flip flops
According to Taiwan's TVBS news network reported that a male high school student surnamed Zhong, online auction this month in ordering one pair of 2530 yuan (NT, the same below) of the Nike sports shoes, the seller agreed to use cash on delivery, sent only to find things inside installed actually an old pair of blue and white drag; in addition, also surnamed Wang stewardess recently racquet 5,000 yuan to buy brand-name watch, also use cash on delivery, but did not expect to receive a value of 100 yuan fake watch .
Open full of expectations famous brand shoes box, which turned a pair of blue and white drag, but also old, people looked dumbfounded, do sellers mistake? A male high school student surnamed Zhong, Yahoo auction this month in order of 2530 yuan one pair of sneakers, and contact the seller through the line, say good use of "cash on delivery", shoes sent immediately pay cash, saw an open shoebox blue white flip flops only to find deceived.
Coincidentally, surnamed Wang stewardess racquet in January 5000 yuan a fancy designer watch, apple shape looks quite elegant, the seller agreed to use cash on delivery, a flight attendant received the goods apart, only to find that a cheap watches, 100 yuan at most, to reflect Delivery industry, wished to suspend the payment, the caller said, must be followed by Hong Kong Kwong Hing logistics company, flight attendants always contact, ask the seller to change, the other party has asked to return the items, worried again deceived, flight attendants had nothing.
CIB Crime Prevention Section scout Han Zhixian said that the seller does have shipped, but the value of his goods and the value of goods declared to be auctioned is not quite complete, there is a suspicion of fraud.
CIB said that if the fraud was worried racquet, suggests that the public can while shopping and sellers face to face transactions, whether the goods in question come to view payment, otherwise sent the stuff is not what you want, can only say that really spend money to buy a stomach gas.

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