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Waste flip flops made of betel leaf

Waste flip flops made of betel leaf
Always been regarded as waste betel leaf, there rebirth day! Betel Life will be made of the flip flops, not only moisture, deodorant, anti-bacterial and other natural effects, but also environmentally friendly recycling, take the earth, back ground, combined with hand-woven Atayal totem flip flops band, showing deep Taiwan culture and customs, greatly loved people in Europe and America, and even exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, France and other places. Founder Lu Jianliang said: "We are not selling goods, but selling a Taiwanese culture!"
Ching-wen's   70, is the second generation of the domestic textile traders in Singapore after reading the repatriation of international trade, he did not want to take over the family business, and have actually hometown of betel leaf curiosity. Born in Chiayi Zhongpu, he was brought to see the betel leaf farmers cut shape of the foot, in rain boots in absorbent deodorant, let him rise entrepreneurial idea.
Founded in early 2012 Betel Life, no background of his shoes, just to find third-party and spent half a year, making more than 1,000 pairs, only the first pair of the finished product; however, very quality requirements, he does not rush to sell merchandise from Singapore market stall started to promote, solicit the views of consumers, beginning in 2013, local sales, in August 2000 to the United States to participate in the international shoe exhibition in Las Vegas, the site received 1,600 to double Order.
October 2014 Brand red back to Taiwan PChome Store Street, and another in Taipei 101 Charmant, Chiayi KANO Storyland access shelves and other actual situation, and actively cooperate with NTUT cloud HKUST academia and other institutions, so that the design department students with betel leaf development of new products, such as mobile phone shell, shell keyboard, coasters, and hope to extend the possibility of more brands.
Chose to start with the layout of the overseas market,   say, Southeast Asia seasons like summer, people wear flip flops than shoes on people, about every 10 people on the street, there are six people wear flip flops or sandals; Furthermore, Singapore is very cosmopolitan city, attracts many international tourists and help to expand the brand.
Many brands available in the market flip flops, Betel Life biggest feature is the first to produce betel leaf! Lu Jianliang said that betel leaf containing a "arecoline" biodegradable sweat acid, inhibit bacterial proliferation, reaching anti-bacterial deodorant effect, coupled with the blade itself is absorbent, easy to like him, people who have sweat, wearing a whole days still dry and comfortable; even the bottom of the rubber powder production also incorporated into the ground betel leaf, also has anti-bacterial deodorant effect, and more flexible.
In addition to product features,   also extremely concerned about the added value of the brand! He insisted care about environmental protection, betel leaf from harvesting, cleaning, cutting, drying to the rear end of the process, no bleach, without any chemical treatment, to retain the original betel leaf color and texture, from raw materials, finished products to the process They were tested by SGS approved, without any component of environmental pollution, even after the natural environment can still be discarded shoes decomposed to make a contribution to caring for the earth.
 said that environmental protection must be the future trend, he hopes that one day, the industry can work together to pay attention to the value of recycling, gives us a better environment, like their brand spirit "Betel Life, Better Life"! And Then He will also to Japan, Germany, to participate in the International Shoe Fair, to further expand brand awareness, to go in to the international market, but also deep in Taiwan market!

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