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3 floor building fire escape flip flops female tenants

Building a democratic Jianghan District Street, 3rd Floor, fire, female tenants flip flops escape. The road is traffic control about 1 hour, originally due to road closures and detours Zhongshan Road democracy street vehicle, had bypass again.
10:30 yesterday, the reporter came to the foot of democracy No. 72 First Street, 3rd floor, I saw a house filled with smoke, the fire brigade standing on the roof, holding spray gun from all sides.
Mrs Yam 45-year-old living in the No. 75 all the way across, at 10 am, she suddenly saw smoke floated out of the window, you look closely, it is opposite the building on fire, and immediately open the window for help and called the police. The fire burn more, after a while children, I saw a 30-year-old woman wearing flip flops hurried out. Nearby residents said the woman is the fire female tenants of the house.
Reporters found that the fire area of ​​about four or five meters, bedroom, living room, kitchen are burned mess, the beam also blows the roof collapsed. Urban management department, said there was originally two-three storey house has been built for decades by the landlord, it is a historical legacy.
Live traffic police on duty said, Zhongshan Road is to win the title, a lot of vehicles, including buses, are adjusted through democratic Street. While only two shares of democracy street track, because the fire needs to be forced to implement traffic control, many vehicles were forced to detour again, near the intersection with varying degrees of traffic retention.
11 am, the fire was completely extinguished, fire away, traffic flow was restored. Female tenants account, the fire was caused by an electrical fire. Currently, the fire, the police are doing further investigation.

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