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Kenya used to transform artwork flip flops

 Kenya used to transform artwork flip flops
flip flops, art and love the ocean What is the relationship? In Kenya, a group of people connected to these three formed a circle, the center is a "green" base Kenyans Julie Church and Irish co-operation Desmond Xi Erzi flip flops creative recycling company OCEAN -SOLE.
For love of the sea, and inspire them to take advantage of local artistic creativity, in Africa, everywhere the old flip flops sizes made handicrafts and toys, along with the ideas and products to the world.
1960s, rubber flip flops became popular in Kenya, but it is natural, especially the "invisible killer" marine environment. In East Africa, it is the second largest rubber flip flops recycling and pollution hardest marine environment.
In 1997, Julie found that local children with waste flip flops beach toy-making when a marine nature reserve in northeastern Kenya, inspired by. "So I started to encourage the recycling of waste moms flip flops, wash them clean, polished, processed and made into toys, arts and crafts. Christmas 1999, the two mothers put their flip flops made crafts brought to the Kenyan capital Nairobi Christmas market sales, very popular, we also got an order of the Swiss Fund for Nature, "Jolie told reporters.
Driven by Julie, used flip flops into a link, marine and live together in the surrounding locals, flip flops processing scale has been expanded, until 2005, Julie was officially established company, specializing in the production of waste flip flops artwork.
In 2011, the same love of the blue sea and Desmond Irish wife to Kenya Kenyan sojourn, chance and get to know Julie, she was impressed by the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit, she decided to stay. "Decided to stay because we are doing a meaningful thing, although company encountered many challenges, but I believe that Julie's enthusiasm can take the company has been moving forward. Now more and more people began like our products and ideas. "Today, as CEO of the company OCEAN-SOLE Desmond he said.
Desmond followed the guidance of reporters visited their factory. Plant into recycling, cleaning, cutting, grinding, machining, inspection several regions, although the area is small but clear division of labor. On each process, the workers are working intently.
Workers with a simple knife, scissors, enjoy their creativity, the colorful plastic blocks cutting, stitching, sculpture, made of Christmas decorations, key chains, earrings and so on coasters. Desmond says they are born artists.
"Most of our traditional woodcarving craftsmen workers are local tribes in the past to sell their wood carvings tourists, but visitors are seasonal, they can not guarantee a stable income. We hired them full-time, 21 days annual holiday, lunch, maternity subsidies. "Desmond said the company has a core team of 50 employees, but according to the orders, the company will hire temporary people, in addition, the company provides waste flip flops trash there are hundreds of people who work.
Today, the transfiguration comes from the old flip flop products have come from Nairobi Christmas market in Italy, Sweden, France, Britain and the United States, from the zoo, the museum went to the Fashion Week Art Exhibition, the company convey feelings of love is also well known ocean.
Julie admitted that the high freight is a major challenge facing the OCEAN-SOLE. "Our product is unusual, it contains a message, a concept in the United States, there are a lot of people are interested in, such as schools or individuals, but their purchases are not large, many people want to experience before you buy, However, small quantities of goods from Asian to American Kenny expensive. so we intend to build a distribution center in the United States and began to establish a network of sales channels. "
In expanding the international market, Desmond said: "Chinese philosophy very important idea is in harmony with nature, which is consistent with our philosophy of hope that one day our products into the Chinese.."
Julie said the company is actively cooperating with scientific research institutions, hoping to develop new environmentally friendly products. Desmond said that the problem of pollution of the marine environment in Kenya is not a country facing is a global problem: "We want dialogue with industry with products and hope that they begin to rethink what products produced, what kind of way of production."

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