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Tapes Show marketing does not play the role of reason as sch

Tapes Show marketing does not play the role of reason as scheduled
Tape does not play its due role event marketing reasons focused on the following aspects:
First, the lack of scientific and effective marketing planning. Faced with numerous exhibitions, which did not choose to timely and appropriate corporate marketing plan to match the show, blind exhibitors.
Second, the lack of strategic planning, event marketing will only work as a transactional work treat. For exhibitors and exhibitors. What is the ultimate purpose of exhibiting? Who would like to disseminate information on what the tape show? How to attract the target audience? How to win opponents spread? Were never in-depth consideration.
Third, the planning organization tape the show in the process of decision-making within the enterprise between management and executive level, between businesses and the lack of good communication outsourcing units, causing each of the exhibition planning organization, there is a deviation understanding of purpose. For example the way businesses promote products, brand culture and style stand construction, event organization out of touch.
Finally, in the formulation of the budget at the same time we overestimated the return of the tape show results. Show cause tape input and output ratio of uncoordinated. Recently there has been domestic tapes show a tendency - stand construction, event organization blindly seeking large, seeking luxury, while ignoring the performance results show the activity itself.
Finally, tape the show should be strict organizational processes and the division of responsibilities and a person responsible for the project, stressed that coordination job coordination within the enterprise, business and outsourcing units.

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