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How to make a unique exhibition of the tape

How to make a unique exhibition of the tape
Tape exhibitors will have a lot of business, how to make you unique exhibitions in the tape? Net tape made three suggestions, we hope to inspire.
1, booth featured.
Now, the domestic standard booth almost all white panels. General options are posters. Posters recommend the best picture simple text capable, colorful unified, highlight the company logo. In this way, it can attract visitors and make it more capable the company left a deep impression.
2, hold technical conferences and product launches in the same period of the exhibition.
Most important feature of the exhibition is to bring together professional tape audiences across the country in the short term. If we can seize this opportunity, in the form of presentations and promotion of timely and full and detailed description of the company's latest technology and products, not only within the ample time most extensive customer had been publicized, but also from another aspects to enhance the company's image.
3, promotional materials advertising.
Each time before the exhibition, the organizers will be to visitors across the country to send invitations to visit, the content and presentation of the exhibition will be held over the same period of activity. Under normal circumstances, the number of invitations to visit the city of tens of thousands of parts, or even hundreds of thousands of copies, and a number of comparable circulation magazine. Often due to limited space, the organizers only accept an exhibitor's advertising claim, so, with respect to the various ad overwhelming number of professional magazines in terms of publicity exclusive advertising self-evident. Similar places can also include advertising badges, lanyard and journal.
The above three points is a small suggestion to put the net tape, only when we can have more exhibitors a unique opportunity to attract customers, which exudes more glory.

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