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Discussion on tape products sets standard

Discussion on tape products sets standard
  Recently, the Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) that promote and increase yields by plantings expected global natural rubber output in 2013 will reach 10.06 million tons, compared to the previous estimate of 9.7 million tons increased.
Investment Advisor in the chemical industry researcher Yi-Chi Chang pointed out that since last year, natural rubber prices have rocketed, tapping rubber farmers and seed gum enthusiasm greatly increased. Currently, most of the rubber farmers were extended rubber production time and increases the frequency of tapping, and even some rubber farmers on the overage, low output also tapping rubber trees. Some rubber producing countries also have plans to increase natural rubber production in 2013, making this year's estimated production of natural rubber increased.
According to relevant data Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) showed that natural rubber prices driven, in 2013 a number of producing countries have plans to increase production. Among them, Malaysia plans to increase to about 11.8% of natural rubber production; Cambodia plans to increase around 60% month; Indonesia plans to increase production by about 10%.
At the same time, these producing countries also introduced the corresponding rubber expansion plans. For example, the Thai government at the beginning has launched a three-year rubber plantation project is scheduled for 2017 rubber production in Thailand can grow 22 tons; Indonesia also plans for 400,000 hectares around the rubber tree refurbished to increase the production of natural rubber capacity; Cambodia, Malaysia, the rubber plantation area has also increased.
Investment Advisor in the Research Director Zhang Yan Lin believes that due to the longer growing cycle natural rubber producing countries of these plans to increase production has little impact on the international rubber market in the short term. And production of natural rubber greatly influenced by climatic factors, climate anomalies in recent years to increase the frequency, the output of natural rubber has a large uncertainty, the next natural rubber market tight supply situation will continue.
Investment Advisor in the release of "2010--2015 China's rubber industry investment analysis and forecast report" shows that the cultivation of natural rubber to natural conditions require high, and planted a long period, the yield depends on the weather conditions tapping period. Currently, natural rubber planting area mainly concentrated in a few countries in tropical Southeast Asia.

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