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Demand suppressed hose tape industry Jiangan chilly autumn a

Demand suppressed hose tape industry Jiangan chilly autumn and winter
 The level of profits 801 million yuan in the first half of 2012 and did not let the hose tape industry at ease. Out of the economic slowdown curb market demand, focus on the release of production capacity to worry about industry competition and malicious disturb the market price and other unfavorable factors, hose tape industry estimated annual product output will moderate growth, the growth rate remained at about 10%. But in order to maintain a certain profit margin it is not easy, the market has felt the chill. This is the information obtained from the correspondent end of the Rubber Association hose tape branch of the eighth congress of the members-cum-secondary hose tape Information and Technology Forum.
        According to the China Rubber Industry Association hose tape branch of statistics, the first eight months of 2012, 52 key enterprises industrial output value of 14.138 billion yuan, an increase of 8.17%; sales revenue of 13.341 billion yuan, an increase of 8.28%; main product conveyor production of 221 million square meters, an increase of 7.5%; B hose production 57,195,600 meters, down 13.55%; V with output of 1.029 billion A meters, an increase of 10.64%. However, conveyor belts, hose, V belt of the three-year exports showed a downward trend.
        China Rubber Industry Association hose tape branch chairman, Fuxin Huanyu Rubber (Group) Co., Ltd. Chairman Meng has told reporters: "From the figures, 801 million yuan of profit level is OK, an increase larger, but this is mainly is due to rubber and other raw material prices fall, reducing the cost of production hose tape industry, so a certain profit margin. At present, the basic raw material prices have bottomed out, this good will not exist. "
       He analyzed that, last year, the total amount of hose tape industry will maintain steady economic growth, but growth is slowing, not much room for profit. On the one hand, domestic and international economic downward pressure, hose tape market demand. Internationally, the European debt crisis is not over, weak US economic recovery, emerging economies slowdown, increased global economic uncertainty, the coming years will experience a recession longer. In such a world economic environment, hose tape export trade will be seriously affected. The lack of domestic economic growth momentum, reduced investment, weak demand, demand the same hose tape is not busy. The first half of the national coal consumption of 1.97 billion tons, up 2.8% year on year growth rate down 6.6 percentage points; low boom of the steel industry, domestic steel enterprises before the five-month profits fell 94.26 percent; cement manufacturing industry realized profits The total fell 51.4%.
        On the other hand, new enterprises in recent years, increasing tape, a substantial expansion of production capacity, will further intensify competition in the market. New or large-scale enterprises gradually put into the last two years more than 10, wire rope production line has exceeded one hundred, only rope in Shandong Province had more than 50 production lines. It is worth noting that in the current state of oversupply hose tape industry, investment heat continues unabated, there are still companies converting or expansion conveyor belt or hose products, some enterprises in Shandong once voted to build dozens of conveyor belts production line, so that the excess production capacity have been relatively greater pressure on the domestic market.
        Meng has also stressed that: "The current offer of hose tape product areas generally able to follow the laws of the market, according to market conditions in a timely manner to adjust product prices to maintain a normal level of profitability of enterprises but there are some enterprises in order in the market accounted for a place. malicious price price competition, leading to vicious competition among enterprises. some companies offer even below cost, disrupt the market order. exports products because companies offer gap between large, earlier this year against the Indonesian Chinese rubber conveyor belt and V held safeguards investigation hearings. last June, China's exports to Argentina conveyor open anti-dumping investigations, these trade foreign trade friction will make matters worse, it should be cause for concern and reflection. "
        In an interview with reporters on the upstream suppliers of raw materials in that, at present, hose tape industry Enthusiasm, high level of technology, marketing strategy flexible enough to do more business orders, but many businesses almost no orders, intermittent shutdown, even shut down a long time, the market has felt the chill.
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