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Produce 21,000 tons a year parcel tape pollution?

Produce 21,000 tons a year parcel tape pollution?
Information Times (reporter Jiang Jun) annually attached to the parcel tape to produce 21,000 tons of plastic pollution? Recently, the Internet a "hidden in a box of amazing web shopping flow pollution" microblogging spread, calling on everyone to use the tearing-type cartons. South China Agricultural University packaging materials expert Professor Zhang Qin added that the tearing-type cartons actually use the tape, there is no good alternative, but its recommendations "to use paper tape on cardboard boxes, plastic tape on the plastic box for easy separation and recovery. "
Parcel tape pollution concern
Recently, a "hidden in a box of amazing web shopping flow pollution" microblogging forward the amount of thousands, attracted the concern of many environmentalists. The micro-Bo said: "Taobao 8 million daily parcel tape × 2 m × 365 days = 5,840,000 km long, 2.1 tons of heavy transparent tape materials are mainly PVC, are not degraded in the soil for 100 years; and glues containing formaldehyde. benzene, will hurt people's skin and the respiratory tract. commercial enterprises expect such a box, environmental protection without tape, a tear open easily. "along with a video of cartons used tear-type opening, a tear opened a crack rules.
There is no better alternative to tape
The amount of tape wrapped a year with so much? Reporters inquiry found that, according to "2012--2016 China's express delivery industry investment analysis and forecast report" in 2011, the national scale the volume of business express delivery service enterprises totaled 3.67 billion. In this calculation, the annual 3.67 billion parcels, each parcel tape 1 meter calculation, 3.67 billion × 1 m / piece = 3.67 million kilometers long tape, although the weight of less than 21,000 tons, but there are more than 10,000 tons of plastic tape become contaminated.
Guangzhou Packaging Technology Association Secretary-General Chen Jianzhen said that Chinese people love wrapped in layers of tape and use our rough handling related "to prevent damage, but also to some extent waterproof." South China Agricultural University College of food packaging materials, food expert Professor Zhang Qin made said microblogging advocated tearing type cartons, they also have to use tape, but the amount is small and internalized in the paper, and the high cost, convenience, not as on tape, "Now it seems not very good the tape alternatives. "
The key is to use classification
Chen Jianzhen said degradable plastic is difficult to certainly have some contamination, but as long as do the recycling problem is not big. Zhang Qin made also holds the same view, "more importantly classification, in cardboard boxes with tape on recycling will result in impurity because few people will tape cassette on a tear, but the paper will enter the recovery tape reuse difficult or improving cost recovery. now have paper tape, it is best to use in cardboard boxes on a paper tape, plastic tape on the plastic case, this classification use, easy to recycle than focus only on the amount of plastic more important."

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