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Transparent tape Express on a year around the Earth 120 laps

Transparent tape Express on a year around the Earth 120 laps
Scotch tape materials are mainly PVC (polyvinyl chloride), (buried) are not degraded in the soil for 100 years; glue containing formaldehyde and benzene can harm human skin and the respiratory tract. We expect business enterprise using zipper packaging, environmental protection without tape. "Recently, there are users to issue such a call.
The appeal of such projections users express industry transparent plastic pollution severity: by Taobao, online shoppers buy 8 million parcels daily commodities, assuming 2 meters of transparent plastic on average each parcel long, 8 million × 2 m × 365 days = 5.84 million km and weighs about 2.1 tons.
In a larger context, according to the data released by the postal service, express delivery in 2011 of the total number of 4.8 billion, whereby the reporter calculations: Suppose each courier used transparent plastic 1 m long on average, the 4.8 billion × 1 Mi = 4.8 billion m = 4.8 million km, the equator is about 40,000 km, that is to say, China's express delivery industry last year can be spent in a transparent plastic ring around the equator 120.
With these data, the reporter interviewed a number of people, "overuse" is our common understanding of the status of transparent plastic courier industry. Citizen Ms. King told reporters yesterday she had just received a box of shampoo online shopping, milk bath, a full listing on the top of the box around the three transparent plastic: a few on the horizontal, vertical, a few of the last tile layer . At first she tried Shredded, but the hundred "tear" can not understand why, ultimately, cut with scissors.
Materials Science and Engineering, Packaging Engineering, Zhengzhou University lecturer Liu Xueying, said she often receives weekdays delivery member, she also believes in transparent plastic courier industry to be "overused", and very environmentally friendly.
Liu Xueying that the current environment is no viable alternative to transparent plastic material, which is indeed a big problem. She would tell fellow academics, research from academia and industry want basic materials to start, develop environmentally friendly, low cost, suitable to withstand strong alternatives.

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