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What is a heat tape?

What is a heat tape?
What is a heat tape?
Heat tape, namely adhesive tape high temperature operating environments. The main purpose for the electronics industry, heat resistance is generally between 120 degrees to 260 degrees, commonly used in paint, paint leather processing, paint masking and electronic parts manufacturing process fixed, printed circuit boards and high temperature treatment shelter. Including high-temperature heat tape tape KAPTON; Teflon tape; high temperature masking tape; PET green high temperature tape; high temperature double-sided adhesive.
High temperature tape storage and use of maintenance What?
1, the tape should be stored in the warehouse, to avoid the sun and rain; NO contact with acid organic solvent oil, kept clean and dry, away from the device found outside of 1m, at room temperature between -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.
2, the tape should be placed in a roll, not folded, too long storage time should be turned over once every quarter.
3, loading and unloading conveyor is best to use a crane, and a beam with a smooth lift rigging to prevent damage to the belt edge, never rude handling, causing the unwinding rejection sets.
4, tape type, size according to the needs and specific conditions of use, reasonable selection.
5, not to make different varieties, different specifications, intensity, number of layers of cloth tape connection (with the group) together.
6, preferably thermal curing conveyor belt joint glued to improve reliability, to maintain a high effective intensity.
7, the conveyor roller diameter and Jane minimum diameter of the pulley belt conveyors should be consistent with the relevant provisions.
8. Do not allow hunting or crawling tape, to keep the drag roller, vertical roll flexible, tension should be moderate.
9, when the conveyor is equipped with baffles and install cleaning devices, should avoid tape wear.
10. Cleanliness is essential for well-functioning tape, foreign substances can affect tape eccentric tension differences or even break.
11, using the tape was found early when there is damage to the phenomenon should be timely find out the reasons, to repair, to avoid adverse consequences.
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