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Scotch tape in the semiconductor induce high temperature sup

Scotch tape in the semiconductor induce high temperature superconductivity
   According to physicist organization network September 12 (Beijing time) reported by the international team of researchers led by the University of Toronto physicists use transparent tape for the first time in the semiconductor induced by a high-temperature superconducting phenomenon. This method can be used for the development of quantum computers and improve the energy efficiency of new equipment paved the way. Related papers published in the September 11 issue of - "Nature Communications" magazine.
    HTS is a physical phenomenon, usually refers to some of the superconductivity phenomenon than other higher critical temperature superconducting material substance in liquid nitrogen environment. The high-temperature superconductors can be used without heating means is conductive and no loss of energy in the material at liquid nitrogen temperature, it usually refers to liquid nitrogen temperatures above the superconducting material. They are currently being used for low-loss power transmission, and can serve as building blocks of quantum computers and other next-generation devices.
    It was discovered in 1911 when the superconductor, was attracted by its unique nature, that is, zero resistance, anti-magnetism and quantum tunneling effect. But within a further 75-year period, all discovered superconductors exhibit superconductivity can only only at extremely low temperatures. Further, only a specific iron compound and copper oxide high-temperature superconducting properties exhibited only, but the copper oxide was totally different structure and having a complex chemical composition, it can not generally be combined with a semiconductor, and therefore this compound but also by the practical application of restrictions, while exploring new effects they can produce has become particularly important. For example, the proximity effect observed material, that is, a superconducting material will lead to other neighboring conventional semiconductor can produce superconductivity. Since the basic requirements of quantum mechanics two materials to be near-perfect contact, so that the case is difficult to occur.
    Research team leader, the school's talk physicist Kenneth Borg said: "Under normal circumstances, the interface between the superconductor and semiconductor material subject to the formation of complex growth process, tool-making is also better than a human hair and this is the more precise the test interface transparent tape adhered to "research team used Scotch tape and glass slides to place high-temperature superconductors, so close to a special type of semiconductor - topological insulators. Topological insulator can be like, like most of the semiconductor, which is having a metallic surface, allowing the charge transfer. This is because the internal topological insulator, and electronic band structure is similar to a conventional insulator, the Fermi level is located between the conduction and valence bands. And on the surface of a topological insulator, there are some special quantum state, these quantum states located block structure with a band gap among physical, allowing electrical conduction. Thus for the first time to induce high temperature superconductivity is also within this novel semiconductors.

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