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3M company developed a new generation of sealing tape 3030

3M company developed a new generation of sealing tape 3030
I believe that all owners have realized the good sealing tape for the vehicle at the time of new vehicle paint process to achieve the desired effect played an important role. Overall work if the sealing tape used poor quality or inappropriate may make vain. Good quality covering strip price will be higher, but still within the tolerance range of the ordinary.
Now, the production car explosion-proof membrane, automotive films are known for the famous 3M Company recently released a new car called the 3030 sealant, this product is characterized by better adhesion, and more excellent adsorption force, and being torn when it will not leave any scars, and can resist high temperature of 100 ° C is live.
According to 3M automotive aftermarket sector Darren Lansley said: personnel engaged in automotive beauty to see after we have improved sealing tape said he was glad, accustomed to using the ordinary type of sealing tape aftermarket personnel; 3030 tape the advantage is obvious.

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