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New high-temperature industrial tape

New high-temperature industrial tape
   Tape to better address the production of electronic components in high-temperature baking, save costs and improve production efficiency. In the manufacture of electronic components for belt temperature 150 ° C / 2 hours to ensure taping at high temperature for 2 hours is not loose, no adhesive residue. Test material, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, thermoplastic elastomer, curing agents, antioxidants, tackifying resins, solvents, and other materials to optimize the combination, adding a certain percentage of uniformly dispersing solvent, through a dedicated coater, cured by baking at high temperature tape made into a high temperature pressure sensitive tape.
, Select the relevant chemical materials: natural rubber, synthetic rubber, curing agents, accelerators, antioxidants, tackifying resin. Promote the progress of the test product, the advantages of the test combination formula. Test data and test products. Adhesion reach 8N / 25.4mm, use 8mm textured paper pressure sensitive adhesive epoxy board to compile electronic components in high temperature 150 ° C / 2 hours, taped tight epoxy boards, tape is not loose, not falling, tear tape epoxy boards, electronic components, wire no adhesive residue. 2 through years of research and development, products in the market continue to be recognized. The formation of industrial production.
    Main purpose: has a good tack, re-posted, good temperature resistance,, a good anti-solvent permeability, good stability. Widely used in automotive, hardware, electronics, electrical and other industries of paint, fixing and protection
    Specifications are as follows:
    Substrate (Backing): crepe paper
    Adhesive (Coefficient of the tape) Rubber
    Specifications (Standard Specifications) width to length (Width Length mm m): optional / 50
    Thickness (Thickness mm): 0.15 ± 0.01
    Adhesion (AdhesionN / 25mm): 9
    Tensile strength (TensileStrengthN / 25mm): 95 -135

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