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Knowledge of electrical insulating tape 1

Knowledge of electrical insulating tape 1
When selecting materials for the insulation system must take into account the reaction between the various components within the system, especially in such as tidal and other hazardous environments. Some devices have copper, electrolytic corrosion may result in electrical transformers, motors, coils or loss. Such as the corrosion caused by pressure sensitive tape minus minimum, must ensure that the various parts of electrical tape purity by checks and balances. (Available to 3M technical service department for a full explanation of the effect of electrolytic corrosion). Electrical tape is generally used in the production of electrical parts, the correct selection of both the electrical and mechanical properties and has excellent handling characteristics and application of electrical tape, will help reduce the waste of time and material, thereby improving overall productivity, choose should take into account The total application cost.
    Construction of electrical tape
Paste from a roll of pressure sensitive tape appearance will be reminiscent of the complex nature of materials science, technology and advanced production and processing involved in it. "Scotch" brand adhesive tapes caused by a variety of electrical tape substrate / substrate and adhesive, to suit different needs. A wide range of quality control and testing, together with the precise process control to ensure the production of high-quality electrical tape.
    With base / substrate (Backing)
    Epoxy film Epoxy Film
Epoxy solder resist film tape, puncture-resistant, thin-walled, high dielectric strength, from the shape is good, UL recognized degree temperature reached 150 ℃ and flame. This structure features extensive tape, help reduce inventory costs.

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