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Knowledge of electrical insulating tape 2

Knowledge of electrical insulating tape 2
    Polylactic acid imide film Polyimide Film
Such poly acid imide of the tape base / substrate (Backing) tape applied to the coils, tangles of wires and capacitors. It can withstand great temperature difference, maintain their physical and electrical properties remain unchanged. Pressure-sensitive adhesive thermosetting silicon / silicon dimer acid imide tape to improve stability.
PTFE film PTFE Film
These high-temperature film tape when used in a great temperature difference, its performance remains constant, low shrinkage. Excellent performance against chemicals, high arc resistance capability, and free of carbonized substances.
    PVC film Vinyl
PVC vinyl tape combines flexibility with group and has excellent electrical insulation properties. Its high dielectric strength, resistance to moisture, UV light, abrasion, corrosion, alkalis and acids. Rubber pressure-sensitive adhesives well-adapted temperature difference ability. This tape does not fade quickly identify the current phase, wires, pipes, and safety. Vinyl tape provides the primary electrical insulation up to 600 volts high, can be used for high-voltage cables, electrical wires and TV degaussing coils encapsulation.
    Polyester film Polyester Film
This tape applications that require thin quality, durability and high dielectric / low voltage insulation strength of the material during use. It must be higher than acetate film tape resistant to high temperatures. Polyester film tape from the shape is high, have excellent resistance to chemicals, inhibitors and moisture resistance, and can withstand cutting and abrasion.
    Reinforcing fiber band Filament Film
This tape is especially suitable for the need of the polyester film of high dielectric strength / high withstand voltage and high mechanical strength of the case of glass cloth tape. It extended low intensity, high toughness and tear, use this tape in the range of 130 ℃ or less than the cost of using a glass cloth tape is low. It can be used to secure the lead and a terminal strip, and coil tangles.

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