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Knowledge of electrical insulating tape 3

Knowledge of electrical insulating tape 3
     Composite film Composite Film
This structure combined with polyester film of high dielectric / voltage strength and tear resistance properties and the properties of non-woven polyester thin cushion pad, and available in three thickness options.
      Glass Cloth Glass Cloth
3M provide the market with the most versatile and the best from the shape of the glass cloth tape. It is highest in the most resistant and resilient textile products, and can effectively absorb electrical insulating varnishes and resins. "Scotch" brand glass cloth tape high tying ability, and can withstand high temperatures of 180 ℃.
     Acetate cloth Acetate Cloth
These pleasing tape suitable for encapsulating the coil, from the shape of high, capable of withstanding high temperature of 105 ℃, acetate cloth and have put absorb resin and varnish.
      Paper tape
The tape features a padded, puncture resistance and high toughness. Its crepe and ribbon fiber-based material has a very high from the shape for enclosing the coil and 105 ℃ or lower temperature range.
    Foil Foil
This applies to all kinds of tape grounding, and EMI shielding bonding; with smooth or embossed aluminum, copper, tin-plated copper tape substrate / substrate, also available conductive and non-conductive adhesive system is available select. Whether it is a unique embossed foil conductive adhesive tape or smooth metal foil tape, all with excellent "after bonding" conductivity.

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