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High temperature bopp tape

    High temperature tape:
    That adhesive tape used under high-temperature operating environment. The main purpose for the electronics industry, heat resistance is generally between 120 degrees to 260 degrees, commonly used in paint, paint leather processing, paint masking and electronic parts manufacturing process fixed, printed circuit boards and high temperature treatment shelter. Including high-temperature heat tape tape KAPTON; Teflon tape; high temperature masking tape; PET green high temperature tape; high temperature double-sided adhesive.
    3M Industrial Tape
    3M industrial belt in China and is widely used in industrial, transportation, telecommunications, security, commercial, medical, personal care, electronics, electrical, construction, culture, education and consumer and other fields. 3M industrial belt: a variety of specifications, a variety of models to meet industry demand. 3M industrial belt: its multiple properties, processing diversity. Show good market applications.
    Duct tape
Features Duct tape with thermal compound of polyethylene and gauze fiber as the substrate. There is a strong peel strength, tensile strength, resistant to oils, anti-aging, temperature, waterproof, corrosion resistant, it is a high-viscosity insulating tape.
    Use cloth tape is mainly used in sealed boxes, carpets then sutured to fight, heavy strapping, waterproof packaging. Performance Parameters substrate thickness (mm) Tensile strength (N / CM) Elongation (%) 180 peel strength (N / CM) thermal compound of polyethylene and gauze fiber 0.18 (khaki) 70,153 0.18 (yellowish brown) 70153 0.18 (silver) 70153
    1, chemical engineering PET
Polyethylene terephthalate of the formula - [OCH2-CH2OCOC6H4CO] - English name: polyethylene terephthalate, abbreviated PET, high polymer, the polyethylene terephthalate from dehydration condensation reaction. (Ethylene terephthalate) from terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol are esterified income. PET is a milky white or pale yellow, highly crystalline polymers, the surface smooth and shiny. Has excellent mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, long-term use temperature up to 120 ℃, excellent electrical insulation, even at high temperature, its electrical properties are still good, but poor corona resistance, anti- creep resistance, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability are good. PET as a packaging material advantages: ① have good mechanical properties, impact strength is 3-5 times that of other films, folding is good. ② oil, fat resistant, resistant to acid, alkali, resistant to most solvents. ③ has excellent resistance to high temperature performance, long-term use in the temperature range of 120 ℃, short-term use can withstand 150 ℃ high temperature resistant -70 ℃ low temperature, and high, its mechanical properties at low temperatures have little effect. ④ gas and water vapor permeability is low, both excellent gas barrier, water, oil and odor performance. ⑤ high transparency, can block ultraviolet rays, good gloss. ⑥ non-toxic, tasteless, health and safety, and can be directly used in food packaging.
      1.1 PET History
First in 1941 by the British J. tt. Whinfield and J. T. Dickon developed. PET fiber as raw material has 53 years of history, the British Imperial Chemical Company (1.c.I) in 1946 with polyester (Teleron) fiber production, followed by DuPont (Dupent) in 1948 "on behalf of Chun-lun" (Dacron) fiber production. PET into fiber grade polyester chips and non-fiber grade polyester chips. ① grade polyester fiber used in the manufacture of polyester staple fiber and polyester filament yarn, polyester fiber is the raw material supply enterprises processing fibers and related products, polyester fiber as the largest production varieties. ② non-grade polyester fiber also bottles, films and other purposes, widely used in packaging industry, electronics, health care, construction, automotive and other fields, where packaging is the largest non-polyester fiber applications market, but also the most growth in PET fast fields.
     1.2 PET Classification and Uses
PET main raw material for ethylene glycol (EG) and terephthalic acid (PTA) widely used as fibers, plastics can be divided into a non-level and engineering level two categories. PET has excellent properties (heat resistance, chemical resistance, strength and toughness, electrical insulation, security, etc.), the price is cheap, so widely used as fibers, films, plastics, polyester bottles. Internationally thermoplastic polyester industrial products in the following six areas (already formed industrialization of goods sold). (1) Liquid crystal polymer (2) poly (butylene terephthalate) (PBT) (3) polyethylene terephthalate polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) (4) polyethylene terephthalate engineering grade PET (5) polyethylene terephthalate standard grade PET (. 6) recycled polyethylene terephthalate grade PET (including blends and 100% recycled material) is mainly used in non-engineering plastic grade fiber, beverage bottles, films, sheets, food containers resistant to baking. Grade PET plastic resistant to organic solvents, good weather resistance. The disadvantage is the slow crystallization rate, forming hard, molded high temperature, long production cycle, the impact of poor performance. Generally through enhanced filling, blending and other methods to improve their processability and physical properties of glass fiber reinforced effect is obvious, improve resin rigidity, heat resistance, chemical resistance, electrical properties and weather resistance. Take added nucleating agent and crystallization promoting agent means to improve the drawbacks of slow crystallization. Add flame retardants and flame-dripping agent can improve PET flame resistance and self-extinguishing. Moreover, to improve the performance of PET, PET can be used with the PC, elastomers, PBT, PS class, ABS, PA alloy weight. PET (enhanced PET) mainly take the injection molding processing, and other ways to extrusion, blow molding, coating and welding, sealing, machining, vacuum coating and other secondary processing methods. To be fully dried before molding. The main aspects of electrical and electronic applications are: electrical sockets, electrical connectors, electric cooker handles, TV deflection yoke, terminal blocks, circuit breaker housings, switches, motor and fan housing, instrumentation, mechanical parts, cash registers parts, iron, cookers roasted furnace accessories; automotive industry flow control valves, carburetor covers, window controller, pedal transmission, distribution panel enclosures; machinery industry gears, blades, pulleys, pump parts, in addition to body and the wheelchair wheels, shade housing, lighting, casing, pipe fittings, zippers, watch parts.
     1.3 PET performance indicators
In Dupont of a R ~ ITE FR 530, for example, the performance indicators are as follows Tensile strength 152MPa flexural modulus (DAM) 10343MPa Izod impact strength (od) 85J / m specific gravity 1.30-1.38 heat distortion temperature (1.8MPa) 224 Melting point ℃ 254 ℃ oxygen index of 33% UL flame retardancy V 10 hotline lit 330 S volume resistivity 10, r] ohm-cm dielectric strength 16.9Kv / mm dielectric constant 103Hz when 3.8 10 Hz 3 .7 dielectric loss at 103Hz 0.011 10 Hz at 0.018 1.4 PET HS code: 3907609000
      2, Medicine PET (Pat)
Full name: positron emission tomography (Positron Emission Computed Tomography), are more advanced nuclear medicine imaging technology clinical examination. The method which is generally, a substance will generally be in the metabolism of living organisms substances, such as: glucose, proteins, nucleic acids, fatty acids, marked with short-lived radionuclides (e.g., the F18, carbon-11, etc.), into the human body by the substances in the metabolism of aggregation, to reflect the metabolic activity of life situation, so as to achieve the purpose of diagnosis. Recently hospital each substance is mainly used as FDG, called FDG. The mechanism is that the metabolic status of different human tissues, malignant tissues at high metabolism of glucose metabolism, gather more of these features through the image reflected thereby lesion diagnosis and analysis.
      2.1 PET Tester principle
Some short-lived substances released in the decay process of a positron annihilation occurs in the road 1-3 cm after encountering one electron, resulting in a direction substantially opposite to the energy of one pair 511KeV. After this information, through a highly sensitive camera captures and corrected by the computer and random scattering of information, we can get the three-dimensional image in vivo accumulation situations.
      Advantages 2.2 PET examination
PET is the only imaging technology to display the new bio-molecule metabolites, receptors and neurotransmitter activity in vivo, is now widely used in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of various diseases, the condition judgment, efficacy evaluation, organ function and drug research development and other aspects. (1) high sensitivity. PET is a reflection of the molecule metabolism imaging, when the disease is in the early stages of change at the molecular level, the morphology of the lesion has not yet presented abnormal, MRI, CT examination can not confirm the diagnosis, PET examination can be found where the lesions, and to get three-dimensional images, but also for quantitative analysis, to achieve early diagnosis, other imaging which is currently unmatched. (2) high specificity. When MRI, CT examination revealed organ tumors, benign or malignant is difficult to judge, but PET examination according to the characteristics of high metabolic cancer diagnosis. (3) whole body imaging. PET disposable whole body scanning image can be obtained various body regions. (4) safety. PET radionuclide examination required a certain degree of radioactivity, but the amount of radionuclide few and short half-life (short in about 12 minutes long at 120 minutes), through physical decay and biological metabolic role both in subject vivo retention time is very short. A radiation exposure dose of whole body PET examination is far less than a conventional CT examination of the site, which is safe and reliable.
       2.3 which patients suitable for PET examination?
(1) cancer patients. PET scans are currently used in 85% of tumors check, because the vast majority of malignant tumors glucose metabolism is high, similar to FDG and glucose as the structure of the compound, it will accumulate in malignant cells after intravenous injection, it is possible to discriminate between cancer and PET benign tumors and normal tissue, but also to distinguish between tumor and surrounding tissue necrosis and scar recurrence, is more used to check lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, and its diagnostic accuracy in 90% or more. This check whether cancer metastasis of the disease, as well as transfer of the site at a glance, this tumor diagnosis stage, the need for surgery and scope of surgical resection play an important role in guiding. According to foreign data show that cancer patients do preoperative PET examination, nearly one-third of the program need to change the scheduled surgery. In cancer chemotherapy, radiation therapy early, PET examination can find out whether the tumor therapy has been acting, and to determine the next treatment to help. Data show that, PET in cancer chemotherapy, radiotherapy can be found in the first 24 hours of metabolic changes in tumor cells. (2) nervous system diseases and mental illness. Can be used for localization of epileptic foci, senile dementia, early diagnosis and to identify, evaluate and determine the condition of Parkinson's disease after infarction and survival of tissue damage. PET examination in the diagnosis and treatment of pathological effects of psychiatric evaluation has shown unique advantage, and is expected to achieve a breakthrough in the near future. Development of new drugs in the treatment of AIDS encephalopathy and drug treatment and other aspects of the important guiding role. (3) patients with cardiovascular disease. Can detect coronary artery disease location, extent, and accurate assessment of myocardial viability, determine the need for thrombolytic therapy, coronary stent placement or coronary artery bypass surgery. Through the analysis of myocardial blood flow, combined with pharmacological stress, treatment of coronary reserve capacity was measured to evaluate coronary artery disease.
      2.4, PET / CT and MR / PET
Because the characteristics of nuclear medicine technology, PET has some limitations in terms of accuracy, there are certain restrictions in terms of positioning. To this end, we consider the same equipment Results radiology considered. However, if the scan time is different, low density tissue unstable, the result will be two devices are often less accurate image fusion. Since 2000, the industry solve the PET and CT equipment integrated, synchronized scanning problems. PET / CT scan can not only solve the problem of synchronization, while the density maps obtained by CT scanning for scatter correction, can greatly improve the accuracy and diagnostic accuracy. The most advanced equipment can reach 52 ring PET CT and whole (such as Siemens Biograph64) with 64 layers, by synchronizing with electrocardiogram (Mengen term control), and taking into account manually edit ECG arrhythmia reconstruction and can be used precise positioning of the heart function and malignant lesions. Currently, the company is experimenting with nuclear magnetic resonance MR with PET integration of equipment, called the MR / PET, the device can be fully integrated MR density detecting soft tissue capacity and PET at the molecular level of detection capability for aspects of the brain and nervous system diseases the diagnosis has a very important performance worth the wait. Although PET has many more advantages, but there are still less than the following: (1) the nature of the pathological diagnosis of the tumor is still some limitations, such as poor specificity for inflammation. (2) Check the need to have a wealth of experience, especially the right yes right different diagnostic needs of patients with different body check what position, how many other issues radionuclide injections need to accumulate experience, in addition to those who sometimes read sheet must both transmit Section and the department of Nuclear Medicine of knowledge. (3) Check the expensive, currently doing a whole body PET examination takes about one million, not easy to promote.
English entry test (PET) is to have a middle level English learners design exam. PET reached level students should have to cope with situations in social and work environments encountered in English-speaking countries predictable, if they can read simple books and articles, write simple personal letters, or make notes during the meeting and so on. PET worldwide each year from more than 80 countries more than 80,000 people participated in the exam. It simply is a public English test public english test, not college students to social workers examination. With respect to the University of CET college english test English test in terms of the public, PET difficulty level 4 equivalent CET is six, that is not entry-level, but there is a certain degree of difficulty of the exam Cambridge General Certificate in English PET PET ( Preliminary English test) is a second-level General English Cambridge certificate in English exam five series, the series certificate examinations for high-quality international English exam elementary to advanced English learners of all levels of design, is valid for life proof of English proficiency . PET examination candidates practical English skills, either for work or study, PET exam candidates can promote the development of language skills, and wishing to participate in the Cambridge First Certificate Examination in English (FCE) candidates to lay a solid foundation. PET computer test is also available in the world. Grade PET with the European language teaching corresponding to the test standard (Common European Framework), European language teaching and testing standards (CEF) from low to high language level of candidates and possess practical communication skills for a detailed description (Can do statement). Describe the candidates in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with the four typical ability, for example, "can do self-introduction," "flexible and effective use of language in social, academic and work environment." The CEF language level is divided into three grades: A (Basic user) base level B (Independent user) used independently C (Proficient user) proficiency for each class is divided into two levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. PET examinations reached B1 level of the European Commission designated European languages ​​syllabus. At this stage candidates can: pet environmental features in pet bottles off the standard function: the release of various types of PET bottle (or flattened bottle) packaging trademark the outside with dirt and sediment flushing. Pet material washing machine features: cleaning textile bags, all kinds of color film, plastic sheeting. PET washing machine features: flakes recycling washing, dewatering production line, crushing, conveying, washing, rinsing, dehydration integration............. 

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