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Duct tape what's the use?

Duct tape what's the use?
Now in many places you can see a figure of duct tape, duct tape applications wide range of industries. Duct tape is a gauze thermal compound and polyethylene fibers as a base material. Coated with a high viscosity synthetic glue, there is a strong peel strength, tensile strength, resistant to oils, anti-aging, temperature, waterproof, anti-corrosion and other functions is also a relatively large viscosity adhesion tape.
Duct tape is mainly used in cardboard boxes sealed, heavy-duty strapping, waterproof packaging carpet then sutured to fight, heavy strapping, waterproof packaging. Currently in the automotive industry, paper industry, mechanical and electrical industries are also frequently used in automotive cab, chassis, cabinets and other waterproof measures better place, easy-to-die-cutting process.
Duct tape
Burkina Faso tape Depending on the glue, can be divided into hot-melt duct tape, rubber cloth tape. Also according to the requirements are not the same, there is one-sided and double-sided tape Burkina Faso Burkina Faso tape. Currently used in the paper industry yellow duct tape, which are mostly imported. The country is also very few!
Duct tape color is very rich, with black duct tape, silver duct tape, duct tape green, white cloth tape, duct tape khaki, red duct tape, duct tape white, blue Burkina tape.

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