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Teach you how to identify the quality of the tape?

Teach you how to identify the quality of the tape?
Although China has a large tape industrial development, but the quality is still there is a big gap compared with developed countries, and each ordinary sealing packaging tape (BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene) tape for any business, company, personal life essential supplies, due to its technical content is not high, many domestic manufacturers, the products on the market is uneven.
Scotch tape
And our domestic tape industry is still stuck in low-tech stage, the state of the tape does not have a perfect standard. Many consumer awareness of the tape that is inexpensive, viscosity feel better, in fact, this is wrong.
BOPP tape is based on the original film after corona surface roughness so that rear side adhesive coating after water has been divided into small sub-section volume tape that we use every day, so the strength of the first tape depends on the quality of BOPP film and thickness, the use of BOPP film material particles produced brightness is good, flexible and strong, fewer impurities spots, the film is produced by using tape, companies do not generally adding toner impurity shelter, so the finished product is a pure white color transparent tape.
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High transparency below 100 meters of tape placed finished a week or so later. Film thickness between 28 [mu] m -30 [mu] m, but some mix of recycled materials BOPP film strength decreases, so only increase the thickness of a thick film, such a tape handle feels very thick, but poor strength, save very short, about half will be placed visible signs of aging, the surface will be brittle, easily broken using.

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