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Why is a wide range of areas covered by tape it?

Why is a wide range of areas covered by tape it?
Why tape can stick things of course, because it is coated with a layer of adhesive on the relationship between the surface of the first adhesive from animals and plants, in the nineteenth century, rubber is the main ingredient of the adhesive;?! Modern is widely used various polymerization thereof. adhesive can stick to things, it is due to form bonds between molecules and molecules themselves to be connected items, such molecules can be bonded firmly sticking together. adhesive composition, depending on different brands, different types, there are a variety of different polymers.
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Tape machines, for the production of adhesive tape or similar tape products machinery and equipment. Tape products due to performance of different types, so the type of belt conveyor is greater. Depending on the nature of the substrate tape, the coating liquid, such as different processing requirements the structure and configuration of the belt conveyor is often very different. adhesive tape production process is the glue (coating solution) is applied to the substrate, so the industry is commonly referred coater.
Do not allow hunting or crawling tape, to keep the drag roller, vertical roll flexible, tension should be moderate. Conveyor with baffles and mounted cleaning device, to avoid wear and tear tape. The tape should be placed in a roll, not folded, too long storage time should be turned over once every quarter. anti-static floor tape warning when loading and unloading conveyor is best to use a crane, and a beam with a smooth lift rigging to prevent damage to the belt edge, never rude handling, causing the unwinding swing sets. not to make different varieties, different specifications, intensity, number of layers of cloth tape connection (with the group) together. conveyor belt joint thermal curing preferably glued, to improve reliability and maintain a higher effective strength .
Tape covers a wide range of applications, from basic food, medicine, health supplies, beauty care products, five cross-supplies, stationery, office equipment, photographic equipment, advertising, printing, paper, footwear and textiles, leap in the development of electronic extension and other high-tech industries, electrical machinery, communications equipment, oil industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, aviation industry and other industries widely used. the only pity is that the door industry, often overlooked, and their technical knowledge and training on development which led to a serious lack of industrial structure, but at a lower level and competitiveness of product research and development.

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