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Printing pasting sided tape, double-sided tape carton printi

Double-sided adhesive paste version specially designed for the printing industry, good creep properties, good resistance to shear force, will be left out when convenient replacement plates; glass fiber cloth material used to fix the rubber or resin plate for printing cylinders or resin sleeve; low tack facilitate precise positioning plate, excellent holding power to prevent operation of the machine in the plates shift, increase print quality and reduce printing defect rate.
Product Description:
Printing double-sided tape: glass fiber cloth as the substrate, coated with pressure sensitive hot melt water from the type of complex composite materials made of silicon. Has a strong stick, easy to peel, no residue, uniform thickness, long shelf life and other advantages.
Applies to bags factory, carton plant, plastic bag factory, and other printing industry paste and fixed various flexographic, rubber plate, resin plate, etc., can be used repeatedly. Hot melt adhesive double-sided printing is mainly used for carton factory, bag factory, printing and other trademarks stickers or rubber resin version version, die cutter and other purposes. ????
Thickness: 0.22mm ??????????????
Width: 340mm ?????????????????
Specifications: 340mm * 2.5m ?????????????
Material: glass fiber cloth ?????????
Glue: hot melt pressure sensitive water ??????
Color: yellow plastic (white release paper)?
Temperature: room temperature
Technical parameters
? The total thickness of 220 ± 10 ??? PSTC - 33?
Tack (14 # CM) <2 ?? PSTC - 6?
Peel (kg / in)> 2 ??? PSTC - 1?
Holding stick (Hr / in)> 10 ??? PSTC - 7