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Let the magic of quick-drying hair towel

Let the magic of quick-drying hair towel
  There is a sense of life surely we all know, after the bath, if the hair quit and went to bed, can cause headaches and other diseases, so a lot of women with a hair dryer or hair, or wipe with a towel, because the ordinary cotton towels the water can not be quickly on the hair completely dry, but also waiting for the hair to dry naturally. Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages: Although the hair with a hair dryer can save time, but the hair dryer on the brain caused radiation; static natural dry, take at least 15 minutes or so, delay sleep.
    If you could invent a dry towel so that the hair quickly, will greatly facilitate the lives of female friends, in early 2009 the idea of ​​a corporate CEOs mind lingering, he is limited Zibo Friends Plush Products the company's chairman Sun Demin.
    Prior to 2009, Friends plush products plush toys to the company or production-based, when the financial crisis, the international market shrinking orders, companies are caught in financial difficulties, do not die in transition, the transition may be able to live the faith support, Sun Demin decided to develop this moisture wicking towel.
    When the Sun Demin idea indicate to shareholders, five shareholders scare three, he and another remaining. But this did not shake his development this moisture wicking towel determination. So, he used one of the few funds, dove into research and development in. More than 1,000 day and night, more than three years, this magic towel Sun Demin has finally been successfully developed.
    November 25, 2013, Sun Demin reporters came to office, he live as we demonstrate this towel magical effects. He sprinkled water on the coffee table, with ordinary cotton towels to wipe a few times repeatedly, the desktop is still a little residual traces of water; wipe the towel with his desktop immediately dry as ever.
    This towel exactly what hidden secret? Sun Demin opened for everyone Answer: This is made of polyester and nylon microfiber composite, compared with cotton towels, with seven characteristics: super absorbent, lint-free, easy to wash, do not fade, not washed hardened, no smell, no mildew.
    That everything is not perfect, frankly Sun Demin noted two major drawback of this towel: First, wash separately, otherwise the other fabric fibers sticking to the towel; the second is not as good as antistatic cotton fabric.
    Three years and a piece of cloth rivalry
    In fact, with such a good moisture absorption principle fiber fabric made many years ago used space wipes, kitchen hygiene fabric, since the thinner sharp objects, a piece of paper can cut fingers, the fiber also exists this feature, when affixed to the skin will feel jerky, not smooth, waxy, somatosensory uncomfortable, thus restricting their use as towels, bath towels. For this defect, Sun Demin repeatedly refined, if not the surface of the fiber cut short not rough it? Inspired by this inspiration, he will do terry fabric surface treatment, it proved the fabric feel very soft, delicate, stickers skin not only comfortable but also very warm.
    On the research and development of the road can not be plain sailing, three years, Sun Demin repeatedly in a piece of cloth and rivalry. After solving this major flaw, Sun Demin encountered many problems on the production process. For example, the fiber is very fine, the printing is very easy plugging, through exploration, Sun Demin found to guard against this problem if the pretreatment stage, the problem is easy to solve. As well as in color fastness, other colleagues have such products, but to work in the absence of treatment, has been the lack of color fastness, and Sun Demin through trial and error, sum up experience, and its products can reach the 3 black color fastness level, dark can reach 3.5, the light can reach four. Especially the black, dark lines of products, can not produce washing fade phenomenon.
    Small towel into foreign supermarkets and the "barracks"
    3 years both Sun Demin fail again, fail again summarize summary process, but also the technology to achieve a perfect maturing process. His technique successfully won the national utility model patent certificate, and applied for a patent in the United States, Japan and other countries. At the same time, the product has also been recognized by consumers. The company's main push "thinking Dili Yilin" series coated, Jinbei products successfully entered the United States Target and Wal-Mart supermarket has become the first choice of infant supplies Towel. In Japan, "according to Lin Si Di" brand successfully entered Japan's famous "Japanese Spring" website; domestic success into the "good-US" website.
    Currently, Singapore, Sweden, the Netherlands army also use Sun Demin products used as towels, bath towels. From the product successfully to market more than a year, the gradual increase in orders. 2013 export amounted to 3,000 million, domestic sales amounted to 2,000 million. The reason why the product by consumers, one product has a cotton towel unparalleled functional advantages, the second is the price cheaper than cotton towels, especially young people get respected.
    Continued research and development innovation
    Selling products in the face of a good situation, Sun Demin mind is very clear, leading-edge technology in order to continue to maintain a firm market. Given the importance of the international market flame retardant products in the future, Sun Demin will maintain the existing product features based on the research and development of products to increase fire-retardant features. Once such a dangerous situation such as a fire occurs, people can use this Towel wrapped head and body, to gain time for the safe evacuation.
    Further, since the cut pile surface of the product is very soft and delicate, when affixed to the skin feel very warm. Using this feature, Sun Demin will develop wide fabric for bedding fabrics. This can make the body feel warm, while reducing the use of air conditioning to save energy. At the same time, open up the hotel Jinbei market to meet easy to clean, and moisture wicking requirements.
    In addition, in the production process, Sun Demin will develop dyed fabric, dyed reduce intermediate links, saving wastewater discharge.
    Towel buried in the field of intensive cultivation, make a feature, made level, and they can create a broad market space, Sun Demin is thought also to do so.

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