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Best buy towels

Best buy towels
    Pro at the time of purchase towels daily, some will think the price is too expensive, and it is not today, music equipment network Xiaobian to introduce several points later in the towel to note:
    1, the texture of cotton;
    2, better water absorption. Good quality towel if drops of water droplets, can rapidly absorb, if used to wipe her face towel, then quickly dry water, dust and dirt to try; while the poor towel in the face slippery, non-absorbent, decontamination ;
    3, depending on the factory land. On quality assurance towel box will be clearly marked: manufacturer, place of origin, telephone, trademarks, performance standards, washing and so on. Many inferior products on the label will be marked 100% cotton, in fact, a significant proportion of doped chemical fiber, such low-quality fiber lower prices than ordinary cotton, but airtight, humidity and poor water absorption, easy to pilling , use it to wash your face, can irritate the skin, is used to wipe the furniture and other items, but also easy to wipe clean the surface of items will be water residues. Even more serious is that some manufacturers also use some banned dyes, these dyes compound containing ammonia carcinogen benzene. So, buy quality assurance towels should go to some specialized shops or department stores to buy;
    4, to understand some of the good and bad towels identification method.
    First look at the appearance. Whether printed or plain towels, as long as the material stress, craft home, a certain color is bright, there is a novelty at first glance, but the picture is printed clearly, terry uniform, neat seams; avoid buying color wilt as old towels, this towel general process is simple, poor materials, or even cut corners unhealthy;
    Followed by hand. Quality towels feel softer, fluffy and elastic in the hands touch; feel dry and hard to avoid buying towels;
    Further smelling odor. Qualified towel should be no odor.
    Also as we introduce two new towels.
    Bamboo fiber towels: a strong toughness, soft texture, antibacterial mites and skin-friendly and strong detoxification, natural environment. Bamboo fiber because of its good air permeability, moisture absorption, and unique resilience, instant water resistance, known as "breathing eco-fiber";
    Cotton towel: cotton have "plant cashmere" reputation, when mature cotton bolls directly out of yellow, brown, brown and other colors of cotton, these colors completely naturally, without the use of in the process chemical agent, therefore, is not to eliminate the waxy surface of the fiber, finished color gives a soft, natural, calm alcohol and visual experience. Natural color cotton, cotton fabric to ensure that the entire process from cultivation to the production process of the "green zero pollution", to avoid harm to human body.

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