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Children need to buy a towel carefully selected based on hea

Children need to buy a towel carefully selected based on health
 December 25, reporters visited the stacked stone textile market, in a children towel found inside several foreign dealer network in selected goods, but they require a relatively high quality towels. Wu Dong was a dealer network from Hubei, he said, "now fewer children per household, the child's parents grow particular concern, the selected household items must be healthy, so we have carefully selected."
    LI Hong-juan from Baoding, Hebei, stacked stone business in towel business for almost 20 years. "With the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly concerned about the quality of the towel, especially children towel." COLLECTED ESSAYS say from experience, the child's skin is soft, so we buy towels for children with children, it is best choose cotton material, antibacterial and water absorption good, feel soft, fluffy and elastic, pay special attention to the selected odor-free, if it is printed with a pattern of leaving child cute animated love.
    "In addition, absorbent towels and depends on whether the fade. If the towel dripping water, water seeped into the towel, with no slip and diffusion, that is a good towels. Towels good, it forms drops, and does not leak, and that the drops are embarrassing, it quickly slide down. "Wu Dong added.

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