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"Gaoyang towel products base" was promoted to national

"Gaoyang towel products base" was promoted to national
  Recently, the Ministry of Commerce announced the second batch of national professional foreign trade transformation and upgrading demonstration base list, "Gaoyang towel products base," one of them.
     Gaoyang township known as spinning said, the village has 98 professional textile, towel manufacturing enterprises 4160, employing 11.2 million people, with an annual output towel 3.5 billion, more than 2,000 varieties, accounting for 30% of national output. It is reported that the county has 472 export enterprises, including 127 above-scale enterprises, export volume ranks third in the country. The past three years, the county textile exports average annual growth of more than 20 percent of products exported to the United States, Russia and more than 50 countries and regions, the establishment of 168 foreign sales outlets in Russia, Italy and other countries and regions.

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