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China started in the towel Gaoyang incubators, especially for a textile brand name, the terminal slowly notorious ......
    Understanding Si Shu mantle people, mostly from the needle at the meeting learned.  mantle is the first local brand to start construction, but also one of the strongest companies. However, with respect to the metropolis of Shanghai and other cities,   mantle alone Gaoyang advantage of industrial clusters brand still has some difficulties, for this reporter interviewed the general manager Song Jianjun, let him talk about brand building industry and towels terminal operations.
    With grateful attention to detail
    Reporter: In recent years, the towel Gaoyang to the rapid development of regional industrial advantages,   mantle towel has participated in the needle will cause the industry great concern, I ask,   mantle towel which experienced several jumping stage of development?
    Song Jianjun: Simple sum up, mantle experienced triple jump, deepening stages of development from start-up phase of the last century the late 1980s to the mid-1990s to the mid-1990s to the early 2000s, and then in 2003 to introduce Korean capital, to become Gaoyang towel companies among the first joint venture enterprise, each step across all of the company's development has played a decisive role.
    We introduce Korean capital, not only to consider the question of money, we want the Western towel industry advanced concepts, technology and management. The company sent preliminary investigation of the Korean team, South Korea was deeply shocked by the meticulous, when I set up a joint venture on the final thing. Our slogan   mantle there is a word called: "the slightest detail, Shu remarkable qualities," that I laid down in Korea. I was feeling is: a big business to do well, we must focus on the details.
    Reporter: Gao Yang Textile terminal promote the industry as "Gao Yang model," some surrounding textile brands are imitated in recent years,   mantle towel brand innovation, channel innovation, cultural innovation which has made outstanding achievements?
    Song Jianjun:   mantle towel Gaoyang area rely on the technological advantages of traditional Korean textile and industrial advantages, adhere to the brand development, and gradually formed and perfected marketing-oriented, brand building as the core, in order to meet consumer demand goal in the construction of the terminal sales network, to build China's textile industry well-known brands, in 2011  mantle addition to increased brand-building exhibition, advertising investment, the continuing expansion of the traditional sales channels, while also trying to build a network marketing platform, in early 2011 the company settled Taobao Mall, a preliminary test the water on the e-commerce industry has achieved impressive sales performance in 2011 full-year sales of 180 million, which has increased our confidence in further strengthening the branding. It allows consumers through the network platform to enhance awareness of our products, so as to achieve direct docking terminal and a better understanding of consumers real ideas, thus contributing to corporate self-correction. Taobao platform through the network and its own unique positive, neutral, negative feedback this evaluation system, we can know the genuineness of the consumer comments on our products, like a free market investigation, which the enterprise help far larger than expected.
    Reporter: Some people think that still remain in the towel industry in the production of the main stage, we have not yet developed to the brand level.  mantle from the original focus on the production process and now brand building, what to convey the brand connotation? Towel brand promotion for the brand concept is still relatively vague consumers, where is its significance?
    Song Jianjun: we want to convey brand meaning is very clear, that is, health, fashion, international. As I mentioned earlier, "the slightest detail, Shu remarkable qualities," we Sishu mantle people for the pursuit of health has never stopped, we vigorously develop bamboo fiber towels, towels acne, wood fiber towels are in a hurry forefront of international fashion and the era of mainly relying on our more than 20 domestic and international R & D team, the annual R & D personnel have to go to study abroad, to introduce advanced Korean flower, technology and the idea of ​​creating an international brand.
    For consumers, a good brand can be associated with life and word of mouth. For Si Shu mantle, our aim is to satisfy those who have health, fashion, international consumer demand of consumers, and let them become Si Shu mantle brand most loyal consumers.
    Adhere to the main business channels winning
    Reporter: Many people think that a towel brand's success, in addition to the advantages in brand, culture and other aspects, but depends largely on the expansion of channels and what  mantle terminal mode is selected? Advance to today, Si Shu mantle how to effectively channel the construction and management?
    Song Jianjun: Now we channel construction is concerned, the line is very rough, it is our urgent need to improve. The end of 2011, the company developed in 2012 when the development plan is proposed to further consolidate its own production, inventory-based, vigorously develop the construction of large KA, department stores, chain stores channel medium.
    Terminal is king, the word for all the Chinese entrepreneurs no longer strange. We have always maintained a cautious attitude in the terminal building, we consider the most is without disrupting the existing channels, vigorously carry out the construction of new channels. Specifically, it is to ensure that the interests of our agents are not damaged. We will focus in 2012 on the Chongqing market companies and dealers associates, including in Chongqing, the new century, a hundred weight and a total of more than 70 stores to make a pilot project, to test our terminal mode. If feasible, we will in 2013 to promote the country.
    Reporter: industry rumors had "no investment direction, to do all home textiles," saying that from a certain point of view that the textile industry low threshold, stationed easy, but it also shows the textile relatively thin profit margins. In recent years, a number of liquor companies, clothing companies are starting to make a transition home textiles, do you think, textile consumption potential, how much? Future pattern of China textile trend is what?
    Song Jianjun: In our view, China's textile consumer market potential is huge, flourishing future Chinese textile market, increase brand new, brand competition will become increasingly fierce, encourage enterprises to technological innovation and progress, new fabrics and other high-tech products will have an endless stream, which for us both an opportunity and a challenge.
    Reporter: Regarding the issue of single or business diversification, the industry has been controversy endlessly in the future,   mantle is the main industry adhere to the towel or choose diversified development?
    Song Jianjun: As for me personally, my dream is to think through our generation's efforts to bring the towel Gaoyang a new level in the next 5 to 10 years of planning  mantle is the main industry in the towel, to enhance Gaoyang towel product quality and brand awareness at the same time, timely take the road of diversified development. But one thing is for sure, if we do not do a towel, I will never set foot in other industries.

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