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Textile Design System Simulation

Textile Design System Simulation
Fabric is the basis for costume design, costume design of the carrier. Fabric color and pattern in fashion design and feel are very important factors. For a long time, the fashion designer who was always subject to many restrictions, they can only accept offers to market their fabric pattern and color, but they always feel in the market can not find the desired color and pattern they need fabrics, they are very passive, so their design is also severely limited, can not be fully exploited. On the other hand, the fabric, the company is not aware of the need and fashion designers, design and production of their products, from fashion designers welcome the backlog caused by the fabric and unmarketable. With the development of science and technology, this is changing, with a simple and practical web design simulation system, in a very short period of time, the use of computer simulation design technology fabric, fashion designers can put their own needs fabric needed color, expression pattern was very clear. He can be printed out and visually almost indistinguishable physical fabric simulation image, or analog image immediately sent by e-mail to the fabric manufacturer, in a very short period of time, you can get designer fabric they need .
Fabric simulation system design simple and easy, learn, does not require much weaving engineering expertise, but is a common and fabric manufacturers have to meet weaving production pattern. Fabric manufacturers can also be used for product design. It is the designer and manufacturer of fabrics fabric designer of the bridge. System has the following features:
1, the system can simulate the composition according to the structure of the fabric realistic fabric simulation image, and can print fabric pattern fabric according simulate actual weft density. Fabric pattern simulation simulation effect, as well as the real thing, the visual effect is almost the same, often cause people sigh.
2, the system can easily adjust color, so that the designer can not seat of your pants, but obtained by a simple color series color digital way for the use of color series series of clothing design.
In fabric development, one problem designers face is how the series of product design, as well as the correct selection of color products. The use of computer-aided design fabric fabric simulation CAD system, change the color and print out a thread count and exactly the same kind of fabric simulation patterns, just simple things take a few minutes, we could easily print out color sets the series of "cardboard-like." About the choice of colors, we can use a computer to complete. Designed by the China Textile Academy of fabric simulation CAD system has two sets of color systems, one of which is a standard RGB color computer industry, and the other is to use hue, saturation and brightness to represent the latter more suitable for artists and designers need the color representation more intuitive. Change the value of the hue, brightness and saturation while maintaining the same, you can get a series of color.
3, the system can quickly change random fabric organization. Organization, yarn arrangement, yarn type, color, etc. can be freely converted. System transformation can be performed at any time, you do not need to start from scratch, because it deals with the problem of parallel processing. To replace a fancy yarn, simply by changing the name of the yarn in the yarn selection dialog box, click on the new simulation. Fabric simulation system significantly shorten the design cycle and reduce the workload, efficiency improved significantly. It broadens thinking designer, the designer provides a free space ride.
4, the system can design out of fabric (not actually been produced) on virtual models or clothing, feeling the effect of substantially made clothing after.

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